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Developing soft skills for job‑seekers.

InterviewStream Video Practice Interviewing

How can InterviewStream work for me?

Video helps your team prepare job-seekers to enter the workforce by developing the soft skills they need to land their dream job. Our brand new, completely redesigned practice interview platform offers a world-class mock interviewing experience to practice and assess communication skills. Video also allows your organization to share recordings of talented job-seekers to interested employers and create a memorable impression.

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Download our Elevator Pitch Guide for tips and information on how to help your students perfect the key ingredients to job search success.




Users can share their own interviews to elicit feedback from peers. Administrators can then use mock interview videos to promote job-seekers to potential employers.

Fully Customized Experience

Create personalized interviews using our database of thousands of pre-recorded questions or record custom questions for your students. Custom branding options turn your InterviewStream app into an extension of your organization’s existing web presence.


Easily incorporate video assignments into your curriculum with InterviewStream. Professors and teachers can have access to the platform to create and distribute assignments to their students.


Users can self-assess their own mock interviews, or administrators can view and rate completed interviews. Custom assessment rubrics allow for standardized grading tailored to your organization’s priorities.