9 Keys to One-Way Video Interview Success

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Most candidates are used to the traditional job interviews that involve facing a recruiter or hiring manager in the interview room. These days, technology has revolutionized the interview process. The modern gadgets come with built-in cameras and microphones that have made employers implement video interviews into their hiring process. A one-way video interview is said to be an excellent and fast way to connect with candidates.

The hiring process starts by the company sending an email to the interviewee with a link to a third-party site and the candidate can complete the interview at their convenient time.

The main aim of the one-way video interview is to ascertain that the candidate meets the prerequisite of the job.

Understanding the One-Way Video Interview

As mentioned above, we have embraced the traditional hiring process aka 2-way or face-to-face interview where you are asked questions by a recruiter or hiring manager and you respond in a way that creates a conversation.

In a one-way video interview, the candidate is required to respond to preset questions that are recorded by the recruiter or hiring manager and the answers are reviewed later.

The one-way video interview acts like the first stage of the interview process. In short, it’s a replacement of the phone interview we are used to.

Given the huge competition in the job market, you need to try your level best to stand out from the crowd during the interview.

A recent survey by Classes and Careers has shown that out of 2000 employers, 33% will determine whether they will hire you in less than 2 minutes during an interview.

Although you can easily differentiate yourself and give answers that the recruiter or hiring manager wants to hear in a face-to-face interview, it can be difficult in a one-way video interview and that’s why we have created this article for you.

How to Ace Your One-Way Video Interview

Here are the 9 keys to ace the one-way video interview.

  1. Be Attentive to Details

During a one-way video interview, you will be given instructions. You need to read, understand, and follow them carefully so that you can demonstrate your ability to take up the opportunity at hand.

If you fail to follow the instructions you risk getting disqualified before you can start the interview. Just ensure to read anything you are given.

  1. Observe the Interview Deadline

Although you will be given the chance to pick a time for the interview yourself, you should ensure to meet the recruiter’s deadline. The recruiter will set a date when the interview should be completed. Don’t skip that date.

A good rule of thumb is to complete the interview before the due date. Either in some few hours or days to the actual date set by the recruiter. This way, you will make the best impression on the recruiter.

  1. Research

During the interview, you will likely come across questions about the company. The recruiter will want to know how much you know about their company.

For that reason, you need to get prepared by reviewing the job description and noting down what is required.

These days in a bid to establish their online presence, companies have blogs and websites where they publish their content. These are the platforms you should check to learn about the company, its products or services, mission and vision, and its competitors.

Once you have learned everything about the company, you can then know how you can align your responses with the job’s requirements and the recruiter’s goals.

  1. Get the Right Devices for the Interview

Sometimes candidates use their smartphones for their one-way video interview, as long as it has a good camera. However, a good rule of thumb is to use a computer that has a camera. In fact, a laptop with a camera, speakers and a microphone can do it perfectly.

You need to check this with the recruiter to know the device you should use during the interview. Once you are sure of the device you are required to use, you can then check the connection to make sure it is working properly before you start the interview.

Test every item you will use beforehand to see whether everything is working correctly. Remember, regardless of how well you answer the questions; they won’t make any impact if the recruiter can’t hear or see you well.

  1. Practice

The mantra “Practice makes perfect” goes a long way here. You must practice the same way an actor does so that you don’t end up sounding like you are lost in the middle of the interview.

  1. Put Your Answers in Order

If you happen to have been given the interview questions in advance, you are lucky. Use them to script out your answers beforehand.

Well, of course, all hope is not lost. If you haven’t been given the interview questions in advance, equip yourself with answers to most common interview questions. These are questions that you can’t miss in any type of interview, whether face-to-face or one-way video interview.

  1. Pick a Good Place for the Interview

You don’t want a place with background noise or a place where the recruiter cannot see you well. Select a silent where the recruiter can only hear and see you alone. Avoid places with distractions.

Your background should be simple. A blue backdrop would be fine. Ensure the place is well lit.

  1. Dress Well

Treat all types of interview methods the same. Dress the way you could with a face-to-face interview. Get your hair shaved properly, put on good attire that does not shout and be simple.

  1. Face the Camera Directly 

The recruiter wants to see your body language and more specifically your face. For that reason, you should face the camera while answering the questions.

Final Words

There is no better way to ace your one-way video interview than to follow these 9 keys. Know the job requirements; research the company, get familiar with the interview questions and you will surely impress the recruiter. 

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