Happy Thanksgiving from InterviewStream!

Thanksgiving is the time of year to reflect on the friends, family and relationships that bring passion and purpose to our lives. To all clients, partners, interviewees, students, administrators and job-seekers, we sincerely thank you for trusting InterviewStream as your video interviewing provider. Our goals to bring ease and efficiency to the hiring process and […]

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Introducing InterviewStream KnowledgeBase: Your New Training, Content and Support Hub

We are excited to announce that the InterviewStream KnowledgeBase is now live! This brand new website offers user guides, how-to videos, support content, webinar registration and access to our client success teams. This is your one stop shop for all of your platform FAQs at all user and admin levels. We have created 40-second walkthrough […]

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All InterviewStream Sales in October Support the Brazos Education Foundation

During October, 10% of InterviewStream’s total sales will be donated to the Brazos Education Foundation. Additionally, all setup fees will be waived for all InterviewStream products. The Brazos Education Foundation provides scholarships and mentoring programs to at-risk students in Central Texas. Your entire contribution will directly fund scholarships for these students. Quick facts: Since 2009, […]

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Use Video Interview Software to Impress Your Hiring Manager

A positive relationship between a recruiter and a hiring manager creates the foundation for a recruitment team to succeed. Without that relationship and communication, neither side will be able to fulfill each other’s expectations. We’ve compiled many resources on our blog and our resources page on how video interviewing software can help you recruit more […]

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Moving Day!

The ‘Stream Team is growing! To make sure we have plenty of room for our new team members and for future growth, we have moved to a new, roomier office space. We’re excited for the extra space and to be closer to beautiful downtown Waco! “As our customer base has grown, so has the need […]

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Improve Your Speed of Hire with These 5 Tactics

Hiring candidates quickly helps your organization from many angles. It prevents top candidates from accepting another job offer, reduces money lost from leaving a position unfilled and it improves the candidate experience. Here are five tactics that will help your team improve speed of hire without sacrificing quality. 1. Maintain a talent pipeline Every individual […]

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3 Pre-Recorded Video Recruiting Myths

Here is the truth about three common myths we hear about pre-recorded video recruiting: Myth #1: Video Technology will replace the recruiter’s job of screening candidates. Truth: Recruiters are professional judges of character. Video technology, when used correctly, keeps them in the driver’s seat of screening and hiring. Video technology is not a program that […]

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3 Factors of Recruiting for the Right Fit

Culture fit, personality fit, company culture—whichever term you prefer—it’s important. It affects your team’s productivity, new hire satisfaction and your overall employer brand. Your entire recruiting operation hinges on being able to find new hires that will make an impact within the existing team. You want candidates who will make positive change but also work […]

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Upcoming Webinars: Serving Senior Citizens with Technology, Recruiting with Pre-Recorded Video

“Recruiting with Pre-Recorded Video” Wednesday, June 24, 12:00 – 12:30 PM CDT Recruiters and sourcers spend a lot of time completing preliminary phone screens and other repetitive tasks. This extra time on the phone keeps your team from connecting with top prospects and making placements. While many recruiters already are using face-to-face live video tools […]

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Guest Post: The Interview Questions to lead to the Hired Candidate

When preparing for an interview, many job seekers focus solely on preparing answers to questions. Inevitably, toward the end of the interview, you will be given the chance to ask questions. It is paramount that you prepare something to say. You are there because an employer has already seen your qualifications, and they want to […]

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