Collaboration with Hiring Managers – Part 2

The following is an excerpt from our new guide for recruiters, “The Feeding and Care of your Hiring Manager.”

Keep the lines of communication open and continue to improve and record new questions

Team of business people working together on a laptop The process of true collaboration with hiring managers is an iterative and ongoing one. After creating the questions in the example given in our guide, it would certainly pay to review the video interview responses your 100 or so candidates submit with the hiring manager, and get their feedback on whether they have effectively provided a stellar short list of candidates you will call back for the in-person interview. Also, this process is by no means a replacement of the traditional legwork done by a recruiter, but rather meant to complement the traditional methods of sourcing, giving you, the recruiter, a chance to become an “Uber Recruiter.” Imagine sourcing and screening dozens, if not hundreds of candidates who can be deemed highly qualified for the final round of in-person interviews.

To download the full guide, “The Feeding and Care of Your Hiring Manager,” click here.

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