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Are you an Ideal Team Player? Someone who’s Hungry – you’re self-motivated and driven to be the best version of yourself. Someone who’s Humble – you’re self-aware and realize you and others are imperfect, yet you strive to be your best and help others be their best. Someone who’s Smart – you’re pragmatic and demonstrate great situational leadership and emotional intelligence. Someone who’s Resilient – you embrace change and are able to keep things in perspective. Someone who’s Passionate – you enthusiastically approach life and business with purpose and enjoying serving others. Someone who’s Committed – you’re dedicated and focused on all that you due driven to create mutually successful outcomes.

If you embody these characteristics and are excited about creating and delivering value, then we’ve got an amazing opportunity for you. interviewstream is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to join our rapidly growing team. interviewstream is the HR technology industry’s leading interviewing technology provider. We exist to create experiences that transform hiring. We do this by simplifying interviews, inspiring change and enabling hiring to be done anywhere. interviewstream is a rapidly growing Chicago-based SaaS company looking for individuals who want to be part of a fast-paced, innovative and empowered team. We currently work with over 800 enterprise brands and 15 key partners across the US and internationally. We also deliver interview and interview prep solutions directly to the K-12 and higher education sectors partnering with many of the leading school districts and top universities across the world.

interviewstream drives a performance-driven meritocracy that fosters both personal and peer-to-peer accountability and recognizes individuals and teams for the positive outcomes they create and deliver. We encompass our core values to ensure we deliver our mutually aligned goals for internal and external customers, and partners. We Have Fun – we enjoy what we do, who we do it with and for, and the journey we share together not taking ourselves or others too seriously. We Keep It Simple – we are purposeful in making our business and solutions pragmatic. We Embrace Curiosity – we strive for personal, professional and business growth to improve people’s lives and be their best. We Foster Teamwork – we create consistent and valuable outcomes by listening to each other, collaborating, and encouraging being different and inclusive. We’re Trustworthy – we are authentic, reliable, transparent, and accountable with our intentions and interactions taking personal ownership for positive outcomes.

The role of the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is to create a bridge between development and operations by applying a software engineering mindset to system administration topics. The SRE will build and implement software to improve the reliability of our products. Not only will the SRE drive deeper reliability to our production systems but it will help IT, and will allow our development teams to spend less time working on support escalations and give them more time to build new features and services.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Be responsible for reproducing/confirming product defects and reporting such defects to Development and Product Management for future consideration.
  • Have a strong understanding of software configuration, and being able to identify and fix such configurations.
  • Work continuously to increase Tier 2 TS Engineer product knowledge by reviewing escalated cases on a weekly basis.
  • Work continuously to help build internal triage documentation.
  • Create technical bulletins to serve as a job aid and expand the knowledge base for handling support issues.
  • Ensure that all actions and discussions pertaining to issues escalated from Tier 1 or 2 Support are completely documented in the CRM system.
  • Ensure customer and partner inquiries are responded to within established time frames and customer care and technical support service levels are achieved.
  • Be responsible for P1 support.
  • Ability to demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities.
  • Help define and adhere to SLAs.
  • Assist in production release testing.


  • Expertise with SQL and understanding of databases
  • Knowledge of Software Development & Design
  • Familiarity with multiple Operating Systems (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Experience with multiple mobile platforms (Android and iOS)
  • Good knowledge of Web application architecture
  • Experience using web browser developer tools
  • Preferred but not required – Ability to read and understand code, particularly PHP and Javascript
  • Great communication skills – ability to think creatively and adapt the message to the audience

To apply:

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