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Enable your students to build the skills that employers are looking for in their new hires through mock interviews online.

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Prepare Students for Success

interview prep mock interviews give your students the knowledge and
confidence they need to excel at job interviews.

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Practice Anytime and Anywhere

Many graduating college students take jobs that don’t require a degree, which can have a serious impact on their careers. interview prep helps your students perfect their pitch to employers and offers them the flexibility to take mock interviews anytime and anywhere.

Build the Soft Skills Needed for Success

interview prep uses mock interviews to help your students practice the essential soft skills that employers need most to achieve their goals. Developing these skills gives your students the knowledge and confidence to ace their interview and land their dream job.

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“[Students] feel more prepared, they feel relieved that they’re going to have something to use to practice [interviewing]”

Cayla Johnson McLennan Community College

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Learn more about how mock interviews can help your students develop important soft skills and prepare to ace their job interviews.

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How interview prep Works

interview prep allows you to create personalized mock interviews for your
students using a database of thousands of pre-recorded questions.

interview prep question library to create personalized mock interviews for students

Build the Mock Interview

Choose from a database of thousands of questions or record custom questions to create personalized mock interviews. Professors and career centers can then assign specific interviews to students as part of their normal coursework.

Provide Feedback and Advice

Since students’ mock interviews are recorded, professors and career advisers can focus on coaching nonverbal cues and polishing their answers. interview prep also allows students to conduct self-assessments on their interviews and gives them the ability to request feedback from mentors and coaches.

interview prep allows students to receive actionable feedback on their mock interviews

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