Prepare your students for success with video.

We’ve helped colleges and universities prepare their students with mock video interviews for over a decade.


Practice Video Interviews

Students often do not have the soft skills necessary to pitch themselves to employers, are nervous about the experience, or get stumped by unfamiliar questions. Practicing these essential skills will give students the knowledge and confidence to land their dream job with ease. Your students wouldn’t walk into a test without preparing. Why let them interview that way?

  • "[Students] feel more prepared, they feel relieved that they’re going to have something to use to practice [interviewing]."

    Cayla Johnson
    Cayla Johnson McLennan Community College / Advising Specialist


Professor Access & Sharing

With InterviewStream’s Professor Role and the ability to easily share interviews for feedback, career services can leverage relationships with professors and alumni. Professors can assign disciplinespecific interview scenarios to students as a part of normal coursework, then grade them on the metrics relevant to that area of study. Students can share their interviews with alumni and mentors to gather additional feedback and insight.

No more scheduling

Save time and effort by eliminating scheduling, and repeatedly asking the same interview questions to students. Custom build interview sets for different disciplines and post a public link or invite students to participate via e-mail. Students take the interview anytime, anywhere. Review the interviews and provide feedback through the platform without scheduling a single meeting.

Better Coaching

Since students’ interviews are recorded, you can focus on coaching nonverbal cues, then watch the interview again to provide tips on polishing their answers. Students may retake the interview as many times as they need to develop the confidence needed to ace their interviews. Build an interview scorecard with the rubrics applicable to that interview, and provide inline comments at any point during the student’s response.

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