Debunked: Disproving 4 Myths About Video Interviewing Software in 2020

Drew Whitehurst | June 23, 2020

"An in-person mock interview is incapable of replicating a digital one" pull quote

Video interviewing technology has made interview preparation more interactive and educational than ever before. There are still a few myths floating around that continue to deter some educators from preparing students using video and other digital interviewing tools. Let’s debunk the most common of those rumors:

Myth #1: Students won’t use the technology

Even the greatest tech in the world is ineffective if nobody uses it. Our goal is to support our clients and their students however possible — including helping to ensure that students are taking advantage of all our platform has to offer.

interview prep software includes special access for professors so they can seamlessly use video in their classrooms. The feature allows faculty to leverage interview prep, without having to give administrative controls to their career center.

Additionally, students who have busy schedules or unique learning styles and may not excel through in-person programs and instead can use video to prepare for their careers. With these tools, your career center, and educators, can serve a more diverse segment of the student population.

Myth #2: Students learn best from in-person mock interviews

Nothing can replicate the experience of an in-person mock interview, just like an in-person mock interview is incapable of replicating a digital one. Since most hiring processes today include digital interviews at some point, only preparing for an in-person interview limits students’ potential success at being fully prepared for the job market today. On-demand and pre-recorded video interviews facilitate a different learning experience, where students can practice and objectively self-assess new skills.

Unlike using a mirror to prepare, students are actively interacting with video interviewing software, answering questions in real-time. They’re able to return to the recordings of their responses, where they can then assess themselves and pinpoint areas for improvement. In this way, video interviewing can enrich any soft skill development initiative, as students can use the platform time and again to practice, and perfect, their abilities.

Myth #3: Pre-recorded video is only for interviewing

One of the largest misconceptions about video interviewing software is that it can only be used to practice interviewing. This is far from the case. With interview prep, your program can adopt on-demand or pre-recorded video to address all areas of soft skill development. For example, entrepreneurial students can use prep to practice and review their product sales presentations, receiving feedback from professors or peers.

Myth #4: The technology is too expensive

It’s impossible to over-prepare students for the real world. There are not enough lectures or office hours able to adequately equip anyone for their career (and life). With video interviewing software, your faculty will be able to teach more effectively and students will be able to interact more productively than with any alternative.

Investing in tech isn’t comparable to purchasing other goods or services. With innovative technology, you can transform your current processes entirely, optimizing the work that you’re already undertaking to make it as impactful as possible. While you may be spending money, you’ll be saving time, simplifying solutions, and (most importantly) more effectively educating students on critical life skills. This was the case for Kennesaw State University, a Georgia-based university that was struggling to meet students’ increasing demand for a mock interviewing solution. Since implementing interview prep, KSU students have completed more than 20,000 interviews in just two years, equipping students and alumni alike with tools to succeed in their careers.

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