June 2021 Product Round-Up: interview prep Assignment Sharing and Much More

Drew Whitehurst | June 28, 2021

With remote work and video interviewing becoming the expectation instead of the exception, it’s now more important than ever to prepare students for video interviews when entering the workforce.

Based on customer feedback and our current working world, we’re proud to announce new interview prep updates to help kickstart your mock interview and soft-skill building!  Check out our new interview prep updates below:

Assignment Sharing

Administrators and professors in interview prep can now share assignments between other admin and professors. When creating a new assignment or editing an existing assignment, grant access to other professors or administrators to allow multiple users to co-own the assignment.

Assignment sharing allows for assignment management and interview completions to be co-owned by multiple users, allowing for more efficiency when editing and reviewing assignments.

Screenshot of interview prep platform showing how administrators and professors can share assignments.

Downloading Assessments

You now have the ability to download Interview feedback on student interviews. Administrators, professors, and students with access to an interview can click the Download button to save a record of feedback for grading or future reference.

Screenshot of interview prep platform showing how administrators and professors can download student assessments.

UI Updates

In order to enhance the user experience—student, professor, and administrator menus have been updated with improved placement and labeling.

The student dashboard is now laid out in the progression of the interview preparation process: Prepare, Conduct, and Review. Professor menus options have been rolled up into a dropdown menu, and labels on administrator pages have been updated to more accurately reflect the function of each page.

Screenshot of interview prep platform showcasing the new improved user interface for administrators, professors, and students.

Student Profile Information

Students and administrators can now add graduation year and field of study details to user profiles to improve tracking of student progress. Edit your student records to add a graduation year and field of study, or instruct students to edit their profile to include the information.

Not using interview prep in your curriculum yet? Take a look at how Kennesaw State University is using interview prep to prepare students to enter the workforce.

Screenshot of interview prep platform showing new student information fields - graduation year and field of study - on user profiles.

We’re incredibly grateful for feedback from our customer base to help us continue to develop a product which is seeing growth every year, and are excited to see how the remote hybrid working world continues to push interview prep’s development forward.

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