Prepare Students for the Interview and Negotiation with interview prep

Alex Kilpatrick | July 3, 2019

It’s crucial that students are prepared for the interview process. Career Services centers can help students with a number of aspects of the interview process, including practicing potential interview questions, knowing the position and company inside and out and perfecting their body movements and oral presentation.

interview prep enables Career Services to help hundreds of students prepare for both phone and onsite interviews. Using interview prep, Career Services centers give students mock video interviews and instruct them on how to improve their interview presentation by changing their body language, avoiding filler words and more.

Negotiating the Offer

Before accepting a job, a student should be fully aware of the salary, benefits and retirement plan, then negotiate if they’re not okay with any part of the terms of the agreement. You can help students learn how to negotiate these terms of the agreement. It’s also important for students to know how much they’re worth when going into a negotiation by searching average salaries for their position, industry, and region.

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