Top Ideas for Recruiting Millennials

Heather Redding | May 3, 2017

By 2020, millennials will account for one-half of the labor market, according to an MRI Network survey. Developing strategies to recruit them is crucial to maintaining the workforce. Every company is aware of this, but many are still vague on how they can best win over this generation.

Millennials are more tech-savvy and better informed than previous generations. A blanket approach to recruiting them is unlikely to be effective. They were the first to grow up connected with social media and mobile networks, so they are more likely to tune out conventional methods.
Recruiting millennials should be more attuned to improving the hiring experience. This requires effective communication of the things that matter to them and using innovative approaches to get their attention. Here are some promising tactics for recruiting millennials.

Highlight What Matters to Them

Try to limit job postings to a few paragraphs. Millennial job seekers are checking numerous postings online and are unlikely to do more than skim through looking for the important points. When targeting millennials, take the time to highlight any aspects of the job or your company that will appeal to their career goals.

Outlining compensation packages is the chief priority when targeting millennials, including all the benefits and bonuses as well as salary. Your recruitment methods should also outline any training or career advancement possibilities that would benefit younger workers. You can convey a sense of opportunity by explaining why this position is important to the company’s mission and future plans.

Whether the focus is on hard or soft skills, explain any programs for career development and be sure to base expectations not on the length of experience, but the level of competency.

Go Visual

Engaging visual content is more important to millennials than textual information. Eye-catching visual displays are both more appealing and make a deeper connection. You can give greater impact to your visual recruitment tools by adding photos, videos, and infographics that millennials are more likely to respond to.

You can use video in the sense of being a new-hire orientation that shows what it’s like to work at your company and the environment that they’ll encounter. This can also act as a filter that will discourage those who don’t care for what they see and intrigue candidates who are more suited to your company culture.

Video is a familiar platform for millennials. You should definitely mention in your job postings that you accept video resumes. Millennials may prefer it, and you get the opportunity to observe their speech, dress, decorum, and personal skills in a digital “pre-interview”.

Millennials are also comfortable with other platforms such as chat, text, and social media. Your ability to reach out to them through these channels may be more appealing to them and shows that you have a more forward-thinking approach. You can use video to make your own welcoming presentations to promising candidates, while on-demand video interviewing gives you the flexibility to conduct interviews in a format that on-the-go millennials enjoy.

Make the Most of Social Media

Millennials have never known life without the Internet and social media. They tend to spend a lot of time on at least one of the major social networks, if not several. This can work to your advantage through shared posts about your job opportunities and holding dialogues to further the process.

Bear in mind that social media recruiting is a different experience than conventional job postings and emails. Through social media networks, you can get access to a wider and more diverse pool of candidates. If you’re only maintaining a professional profile on popular sites like Twitter or Facebook, you could be passing up the chance to connect with millions more on other social sites that are popular with millennials.

Don’t overlook favored sites like Instagram or Snapchat that are more visually oriented. Get a feel for the interests of members on each site so you can tailor your efforts to the right groups. You might also use LinkedIn, blogs, or professional associations to connect with millennials that are already part of your industry.

You could use targeted Facebook advertisements to appeal to millennials with the skills you need. Ideally, you should be cultivating your presence on all of these platforms so that when millennials are ready to look for a new job, your company is one that they’re already aware of and feel positive about.

If you have millennial hires, encourage them to share their work experiences with their social media contacts. Employee advocates could be one of your most effective recruitment tools.

Show Them Your Company Culture

Think about how you can demonstrate the fact that your company is a great business to work for. Whether it’s a small business or a huge operation, you’ll have your own culture and your own way of doing things. The kind of culture they’ll be immersed in is very important to millennials.

Every photo, job description, video, and social media post that goes online should contribute to building the image of an appealing company culture. Use video and images of daily activities at the office, camaraderie among employees, and fun activities like company picnics and a softball or other sports team. Infographics can help to tell the story of your company and its success.

You can also add descriptions on how your products are produced or services delivered. Mention any dress codes, employee parking, fitness facilities, and anything else that will make people eager to work there, but without misrepresenting your company. Millennials will take into account everything they see and decide for themselves whether you’re providing a great place to work.

In conclusion, HR teams have to recognize that the technology-minded millennial workforce has different needs and communicates on different channels than previous generations. Recruiters should take advantage of social media, video, and innovative messages that millennials prefer. But it’s also important to show them that your company can provide the benefits, career opportunities, and a vibrant company culture that they’re looking for.

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Heather Redding is a tech enthusiast and freelance writer based in Aurora, Illinois. She is a coffee-addict who enjoys swimming and reading. Street photography is her newly discovered artistic outlet and she likes to capture life's little moments with her camera.


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