Creative Uses for Video Interviewing Technology

Caroline Chessia | November 30, 2022

What else can you do with video interviews? Although video interviewing technology is primarily intended for, well, interviewing, video interviews aren’t limited to hiring. You can also use video interviewing tech to develop your staff, onboard new employees, gather victim statements, review grad school applicants, and more…

These different uses for video interviews can be really helpful when you have a video interviewing solution that you primarily use at one point of the year, such as spring hiring for K-12 school districts. Not all these use cases for remote interviews can be used by every company, but they show off the various creative ways people have decided to use interviewstream video interviewing tech. 

Use On Demand Interviews to Onboard New Hires  

Every new employee needs to go through training to best understand company culture and procedures. Often companies fail to ask trainees their takeaways from the time spent in these training sessions. Assessing your training programs is essential to ensure you are setting your new hires up for success to become long-term employees. The trick is to get an honest assessment.

At the end of a training period, the manager sends out 3-5 questions through a one way video interview platform and candidates answer candidly summing up their experience. Our clients normally ask questions like:

  • How the candidate felt about the onboarding experience
  • What they learned the most in their training
  • What they felt they could improve on

New hires may feel more comfortable talking candidly to a screen than to a person, especially if offering criticism. These responses can then be reviewed and used to adjust training procedures. 

For K-12 School Districts – Take Advantage Of One Way Interviews To Vote For End Of Year Teacher Awards

At the end of the school year, many schools hold teacher award competitions. Using virtual interviews is a great way to get feedback on who is most deserving of an award. Many K-12 districts take advantage of the end-of-the-year awards to collect other information or testimonials for their school.

While teachers vote for the most deserving teacher for end-of-the-year teacher awards, they will also be asked about their feedback on the year, areas for improvement, and ways the school board has supported them throughout the school year. These videos can then be used in promotional videos about the district.

Hold Admissions Interviews for Graduate & Law Programs at Universities

For admissions into law school, medical school, and other graduate programs, ask applicants to complete a virtual interview once you have read their application. One of our clients uses on demand video interviews in their application process, asking questions like: “Why do you want to study law” and “What experience do you have?”. 

Ask For Statements For The Justice Department

A few state justice departments use interviewstream’s on demand video interviews to collect victim impact statements to play at parole hearings. This doubly serves the justice department. Victims don’t have the responsibility to face perpetrators and the justice department sees an uptick in (virtual) attendance for victims at parole hearings. 

Place Interns At Companies Through A Third-Party Company Or Society

Think of a temp agency – when a company is looking for a candidate with specific attributes, usually the temp agency gives them 10-20 resumes and that’s it. With video interviewing software, every job seeker must submit a set list of 5-10 questions about their experience, education, and interests when signing up for the temp agency. After the candidate has answered these questions, agencies can send their answers to companies interested in hiring interns. 

The pre-recorded video interviews bring candidates’ resumes to life, allowing recruiters to get a fuller picture of who the candidate is and how well they will mesh into the existing team.

House Your Entire Hiring Process Within A Video Interviewing Platform

In a world of Applicant Tracking Systems, it’s becoming increasingly more common to use one to hire, regardless of your company size. However, there are still companies that do not use an ATS, and one of our clients uses our platform as a whole tracking system. They create landing pages for each of their positions, complete with a section for the candidate to upload the resume and answer a few questions about themselves and their experience. 

When the responses to the questions have been evaluated by recruiters, they can send an email either asking the candidate to complete a pre-recorded video interview or telling them that they have been rejected – all from within the platform. They have even been able to automate some positions so that they can automatically send the candidate an invitation to take a virtual interview if they’ve passed specific filtering questions correctly.

Train and Upskill Current Employees

Take a look at your company’s KPIs – are you lacking in any areas? To ensure that the cause is not due to a lack of training from your team, explore testing their skills and/or learn what experience they are providing their customers.

Send your sales team a link to an on demand virtual interview with preloaded questions that mimic the customer experience. The responses that each salesperson provides will give you a deeper insight into their product knowledge and sales technique. It will also indicate if they are able to offer solutions to customers to upsell products or experiences. A few example questions are:

  • Ask a situational question – customers are more likely to need help in the store than at the register so use this to test your employee’s knowledge of the product.
  • How well does the team working the registers discuss the store’s VIP program and benefits?
  • Can your staff rectify the issues from your fulfillment center in the brick and mortar store?

Personalize and Strengthen Your Team  

A stronger team stays together for longer, minimizing turnover and creating success for everyone. Companies often overlook the smallest, yet most impactful, ways to create this team – support and recognition. Using video interviewing tech can help you contribute to your team-building initiative. 

We all know how difficult it is to gather all your employees on a monthly or even quarterly basis. To help those who are going to miss out on a meeting, send one-way interviews to people asking them to shout out whoever they feel deserves recognition or congratulate an employee that has completed a milestone. That way, even if they aren’t present in the actual meeting, they will still feel heard and have the chance to speak.

Get Real Feedback From Employees During An Exit Interview By Holding The Interview With Video 

If you are interested in honest feedback from an employee who is leaving, try an on demand video. People switch jobs all the time.  And infrequently are they given an exit interview.

Take advantage of video interviews to get feedback from employees who are leaving. The temptation is great when leaving your place of work to say nothing. It’s hard to say “This manager didn’t support me” or “I needed flexibility and was given none” – but it’s definitely easier to say to a computer than your ex-manager.

Different Uses for Video Interviewing Technology with interviewstream

interviewstream simplifies and modernizes the interview process, and helps you retain and develop your staff. Contact a hiring expert today to talk about how we can think outside of the box and utilize these tools to provide added support within your organization.


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