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  | November 20, 2013

You may have seen a research brief from Bersin by Deloitte released earlier this week that highlighted the use of video in learning. It’s a very informative two-page report that is available for free download (with a registered Bersin account, of course) with some powerful statistics.

Essentially, the findings show that while companies recognize the importance and effectiveness of video when used for learning, they still haven’t quite figured out how to best implement it.

According to the report, “Although almost one-half (47 percent) of the companies we surveyed use video learning to some degree, their usage is not consistent or coordinated. Thus, only a small percentage of companies are leveraging video to its fullest capabilities.” We couldn’t agree more. In fact, that’s WHY we created RolePlayPRO.

Combining the communication and personalization power of video with the proven training success of role-playing is an obvious solution to SO many sales and other team training issues! (We’re honestly a  bit surprised we were the first to think of it, but we’re happy to be the ones to provide the perfect tool…)

While the study showed that 78 percent of companies built their business case on the transition from classroom training to on-demand learning using video, it also found that less than 10 percent of organizations were actually utilizing video across their organization. Why the huge difference? Because there hasn’t been a clear answer to the necessary strategy questions “how,” “when,” and “why,” as the study points out.

So, let’s answer those for you now:

How do I use video to impact my learning initiatives?

  • Ditch the over-priced, over-produced high-end videos that take weeks or months to create. Not only do these types of videos often seem inauthentic to the viewer, but by the time they are “ready” for viewing, the content is likely stale! Business moves way too fast for your team to wait around for the training and practice they need to succeed.
  • Allow your sales and team managers to create their own content. These individuals are MOST in-tune with the challenges their teams are facing every day, and seeing the face and hearing the voice of someone your team knows always provides for a more authentic, personal experience. They’re much more likely to pay attention to their boss than an unknown actor!
  • Video shouldn’t be used only for SENDING training, but rather is best utilized as a two-way communication tool. Capture video of your team members to get a more accurate picture of their performance (and what they’re saying and how they really appear to your clients and prospects) – this will help you better diagnose the true problem areas within your organization. Maybe your team is SAYING all of the right things, but they can’t make eye contact or their body language and facial expressions are miscommunicating the real message – or vice versa! That’s something you can’t easily discover through traditional learning methods.
  • Don’t just highlight the areas for improvement, use training videos of your best team members’ responses as a motivator and best practice example to share with the entire team – the featured team members will burst with pride and strive to ALWAYS set the best example for their peers, and the remaining members will have a something to replicate in their efforts AND motivation to improve!

When do I use video in my learning initiatives?

  • Use video as often as you need, but definitely on an ongoing basis. With RolePlayPRO, video learning can easily take place as soon as there is something a team manager wants to either diagnose or share.
  • Make the video content easy to access at your busy team’s convenience and try to create some consistency around pushing out videos, that way your team can expect (let’s say) weekly video role-play exercises and accommodate their schedules and mindset accordingly. According to the Bersin report, on-demand video learning like RolePlayPRO, “allows learners to consume knowledge that is personalized, highly accessible, and can be rapidly applied to their work effort.”

And to our final question and conclusion: Why should I use video in my learning initiatives?

188.7 million people in the US watched 46 billion online content videos in September 2013. The average American spent more than 20 hours watching online video. (Comscore)

Video is THE most successful, and largely adopted medium for communication.

A better question is, given all of the information above, why WOULDN’T you use video? Particularly when there is now an easy, affordable tool like RolePlayPRO to help organizations implement video into their learning initiatives – there’s really no excuse!

We’ve got the some of the most friendly, knowledgeable Video Technology Consultants on the planet who will gladly work with you to best implement video into your unique training ecosystem. Contact us today and start leveraging video tomorrow!


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