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How It Works

In one-click, you can invite candidates to live, pre-recorded, or schedule their own interview

Candidates complete their interviews on a mobile device or laptop and access to those candidate interviews populate in real-time back in iCIMS

Share candidates with hiring managers by sharing the candidate’s iCIMS profile or sharing just the RIVS completed interview

Top Features

Centralized Reporting

No longer go through multiple platforms to report on your interviews. Reporting done within iCIMS.

Interviews linked to the candidate profile

Keep track of anything associated with the interview including ratings, comments, and notes all linked with the iCIMS candidate profile.

Fits into your process

RIVS interviewing solutions is easily configurable to fit anywhere in your current iCIMS workflow.

Modules that are integrated

One-Way Interviews

Organize open positions in RIVS to send applicants predetermined one-way written, voice or video interview questions to complete on their own time.

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Live Interviews

Expand your talent pool by video interviewing applicants 1-on-1 or panel style from any location while avoiding travel costs.

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Interview AutoScheduler

Enhance your interviewing process by allowing candidates to self-schedule their interviewing times based on your or your manager’s schedule.

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Ready to Integrate Video with iCIMS?

InterviewStream powered by RIVS Client Spotlight

“Being able to share candidate resumes, videos, and reviewer’s notes and evaluations across multiple time zones has greatly streamlined the process for recruitment, decreased our time-to-fill and increased the quality of hire.”

– Rachelle Snook, Talent Acquisition Manager


Download below the information sheet to learn the benefits of integrating InterviewStream powered by RIVS and iCIMS and get a demo of the integration.


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