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Protect Your Top Candidates with Faster And Easier Interview Scheduling

Move your top candidates through the interview scheduling process faster so they don’t take jobs elsewhere first.

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Stop Wasting Time Scheduling Interviews

Allow candidates to schedule interviews that work with both their schedule and yours. No more wasted time on no shows or reschedules.

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84% reduction in
time spent scheduling interviews

Reach More Candidates

33% more candidates
interviewed by hiring managers

Empower Your Candidates

81% of candidates
schedule within 24 hours

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Interview Scheduling on the Go

What used to take days is now just a quick click of a button away. Candidates can schedule their interview from a phone, laptop, or any device with a browser. Many candidates schedule within the first few hours of receiving the invitation, and the majority schedule within 24 hours.

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Simplify Complex Scheduling with interview scheduler

interview scheduler syncs your hiring team’s calendar availability into one easy-to-use calendar that enables candidates to easily select a time for individual, back-to-back, and panel interviews. Plus, interview scheduler keeps track of all of the communication so you don’t have to.

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Unlock Actionable Insights with Advanced Reporting

With advanced reporting for interview scheduling software, you gain powerful analytics on your scheduling activities. Evaluate individual recruiters and requisitions by month, see completion rates and time-to-interview, and benchmark your performance against industry standards. More data means smarter hiring – so start today.

“[interviewstream has] enhanced what we do here at Coca-Cola. It’s taken our screening process to the next level.”

Gregory Sharpe Talent Acquisition Manager Coca-Cola Consolidated

Get started in less than a day

Modernize your interview scheduling process with interviewstream and reduce your time-to-schedule by as much as 84%.

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Learn How interview scheduler Works

interview scheduler saves you the hours of phone calls and emails that most interview processes require just to get a meeting on the calendar. Candidates take control of scheduling interviews, cutting out what slows down your hiring process.

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Enable Candidates to Schedule Interviews Based on Availability

Candidates can view your synced calendar availability by month, week, or even day and pick a time that works best for them. Once your candidate has chosen a meeting time, your calendar is automatically updated for all other candidates.

Mobile phone showing a text message chain in which a candidate scheduled his interview using SMS

Allow Candidates to Schedule Interviews Via Any Device

The automated interview scheduling software allows candidates to schedule via an automated email or SMS text message. All they have to do is provide their email address or phone number and select an option from a list of available times.

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