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Boost Retention with a Structured Onboarding Process

interviewstream structured onboarding tools help companies, organizations, and schools simplify the onboarding process, drive engagement, and boost retention.

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Save Time & Reduce Administrative Burden
with a Structured Onboarding Platform

Embrace efficiency in your onboarding process. Revolutionize your document collection, showcase your organizations mission, vision, and culture, and gather new hire feedback to continually enhance your new employee experience.

ReduceTurnover Cost

Turnover costs total
dollars annually

ImproveRetention Rates

Up To
using a structured
onboarding process

Increase NewHire Productivity

using a standardized
onboarding approach

interviewstream onboarding tool being used to collect onboarding documents from new hires

Save Time without Losing the Human Touch

A digital onboarding process allows you to easily collect and securely store employee documents online in one location. By reducing administrative tasks, your team is freed up to focus on building connections and training new staff.

interviewstream onboarding tool being used to collect onboarding feedback from new hires

Get Feedback & Improve Your New Hire Experience

Collect 30-60-90 day feedback from new hires using one way feedback interviews. Employees can submit their feedback via video, text, and multiple choice; and include automated reminders to make follow-up simple and easy.

interviewstream onboarding tool being used to review onboarding feedback from new hires

Boost Productivity & Teamwork on Day One

Using a standardized onboarding approach increases productivity for new hires and trainers. Onboarding tools allow you to get new staff up to speed on your organization’s culture and institutional norms using personalized videos and content.

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Learn more about how a dedicated onboarding tool can help you reduce turnover, save time, and create a great onboarding experience for your team.

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interviewstream onboarding is easy to set up and integrates with most ATS platforms to help you streamline your onboarding process and increase your candidate retention today.
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Showcase Your Company Culture

For new hires, include branded content into your employee onboarding process to showcase your mission, vision, and culture. Include video and written messages introducing the new hire to key people on their team all while guiding them through the onboarding process.

New hire document upload and storage using interviewstream onboarding

Support New Hires Through Digital Orientation & Onboarding

Modernize your new hire document collection and storage for more face-to-face time, all while improving your process and increasing retention through employee feedback.

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Trust the Security of Your Data

Our GDPR compliance regarding personal identifiable information and SOC2 Type 2 certification ensure that we have established and follow strict information security policies and procedures. This certification encompasses the security, availability, process integrity, and confidentiality of our customer data.

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