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Solve Complex Interview Scheduling with advanced scheduler

Easily automate the most complex interview scheduling process and reduce the time-consuming manual tasks that come with scheduling meetings for large hiring events, benefits counseling, or hiring for multiple locations and multiple positions.

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Let advanced scheduler Coordinate Schedules for Interviews

Interview scheduling processes can get complicated when you’re dealing with high volume hiring in multiple locations for multiple positions. With advanced scheduler, simply outline your locations and interviews, sync your interviewers’ calendars, and send your attendees a scheduling link. Attendees get a combined view of all available time slots to choose from and automatically get assigned to the interviewer that best fits their schedule.

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Give Time Back to Your Hiring Team with advanced scheduler

Manual scheduling methods for hiring events, benefits counseling, or complex hiring for multiple locations and multiple positions are a thing of the past with advanced scheduler. Give your hiring team hours of their time back with automated interview scheduling.

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Increase Participation with a Better Candidate Experience

When it comes to scheduling, speed and ease make all the difference. Improve your meeting attendance and hiring rates with a modern candidate experience that gives attendees the flexibility to schedule from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

“With branches that use the new scheduling process, attendance rates have jumped to an average of 80%…”

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Learn how advanced scheduler can simplify your complex interview scheduling processes and give your hiring team control over their calendar.

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Learn How advanced scheduler Works

advanced scheduler gives your team back the hours spent manually scheduling meetings for benefits events, hiring events, and hiring for multiple locations and for multiple positions. Sync your hiring team’s schedules and let attendees pick the time that works best for them.

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Let advanced scheduler Manage Your Scheduling Process

We’ll keep track of the details so you don’t have to. Outline how many meeting locations your event will have, how many interviewers will be involved, and how you’ll be meeting – advanced scheduler will keep track of open time slots, attendee details, and notifications.

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Sync Your Team’s Calendars

Once you’ve provided the outline, sync your team’s calendars with the calendar event. Their calendars will automatically update with any meeting changes, additions, or cancellations.

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Empower Your Attendees

Once invited, attendees get a combined view of all available time slots. After choosing a time for their meeting, all participants receive an updated calendar invite and automated reminders about their upcoming event.

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