Interview Scheduling Software (Expert Edition): How Using An Advanced Scheduling Tool Saves Time and Manual Labor

Drew Whitehurst | October 17, 2022

Imagine scheduling interviews without the tedious back-and-forth. Never have another conversation with your hiring manager or another lengthy email exchange with a candidate to set up a time to interview. Want ease of use and 84% of your time scheduling interviews back? Automate interview scheduling.

You use an interview scheduler to cut down on the back and forth emails between recruiter and candidate. However, these automated scheduling platforms are only able to schedule an interview with one recruiter in one location. When you need to schedule many interviews with different recruiters or schedule interviews in multiple locations, most interview scheduling tools don’t include this capability.

If you’re looking to learn how to schedule interviews or just looking for a basic interview scheduling tool, learn the basic advantages of interview scheduling here. But read on if you’re looking for the solution to more complex scheduling issues like:

  • The ability to customize your landing page to fit your client’s needs
  • Allowing candidates to choose if they would like to be interviewed in person or via video interview (or in multiple locations)
  • Scheduling interviews while recruiting for multiple positions
  • How to schedule interviews when there is high candidate volume, or when multiple interviewers need to be involved


Customize Your Scheduling Landing Page 

Configuring your scheduling landing page goes beyond aesthetics. If you work at a recruitment firm, you can customize your landing page to include the brand colors and logo of the company the candidate is applying for (instead of yours). You can take advantage of using attachments like a downloadable form the applicant should download & fill, a video message, or a pdf with instructions on how to proceed. 

Adding extra details to a largely automated process improves your candidate experience and gives you insight into who are your most interested applicants. 

candidate experience preferences

Allow Candidates To Choose Where Or How They Want To Be Interviewed

With a simple interview scheduler, you can only give candidates one choice of location for the interview, but with advanced interview scheduling software candidates can choose where they would like to interview. For hybrid offices, this can mean the choice between an in-person interview and a video interview for candidates who don’t live locally. 

Retail and manufacturing companies that hire for many locations at the same time can automate interview scheduling for different branches hiring for the same position. Put out a job board ad and link out to the exact same interview scheduling landing page with a list of linked job locations. Your candidate can choose the job location they want without you having to create an entirely new landing page. Each interview calendar will be specific to the hiring managers working at that branch.

How To Schedule An Interview When Recruiting For Multiple Positions

When recruiting for multiple positions at the same company using an advanced scheduling tool, you can include a company landing page with a link to each specific position’s recruiter calendar. For example, if you’re hiring for positions at a hospital, you can create a landing page that contains all of your open positions. Once a candidate reaches your landing page, they’ll be able to select the position they’re applying for and schedule an interview time all from one location. 

This approach gives candidates a better idea of what positions you are recruiting for and could help you spread hiring information by word-of-mouth. It’s also a great technique to use when having a job fair.

For High Volume Hiring, Allow Candidates To Schedule Interviews Round Robin Style

For some positions, you’re always hiring. And when the candidate volume is too much for one recruiter, you have to split the interviews up among two or more HR professionals. Advanced interview scheduling software allows you to overlap multiple recruiter availabilities onto the same calendar, allowing multiple candidates to choose the same time slot for an interview.

The scheduling application allows the candidate to select a time for an interview, and once the interview is scheduled, that recruiter’s calendar will automatically block off. This capability is ideal for positions that have high turnover & high demand. It eliminates the need to manually coordinate interview calendars and lowers the barrier for entry for the applicant. 

What Are Your Interview Scheduling Pain Points?

Looking for a specific scheduling fix? We would be happy to chat and see if our scheduling software could be a good fit. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in taking a step to eliminate manual scheduling & save time!


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