Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line with Automated Interview Scheduling Software

Monique Mahler | August 20, 2020

The scheduling process can be taxing, and in many cases, a tedious back-and-forth can ruin the candidate experience pull quote

Does your business struggle to coordinate remote interviews with candidates? What about later in the hiring process when those one-on-one meetings expand to panels with multiple interviewers?

Regardless of format, the interview scheduling process can be a total pain with constant rescheduling, drawn out response times, and risk of human error. And requisitions are getting fed up — companies stand to lose as many as 89% of potential candidates due to prolonged screening processes.

Luckily, automated interview scheduling software like interview scheduler was made to tackle these exact issues. Here are just a few of the ways that investing in a scheduling platform can save you money and even boost your bottom line:

  • It saves time. 84% of interview scheduler users reported a reduction in time spent scheduling, with some clients saving more than 800 hours of previously-wasted time. As a result, recruiters can spend that time where it really counts — building stronger relationships, growing their talent pipeline, and screening more candidates to uncover the best talent possible.
  • It increases efficiency. Users are able to save so much time because the software makes scheduling interviews just plain easy. It streamlines the process from start to finish by syncing to your calendar, populating pre-written emails, sending automatic confirmations to candidates after they schedule, and more. It even integrates into your applicant tracking system so you can sync requisitions and evaluate applicants in one place.Plus, implementation is just as simple — our Training Center is home to hundreds of lessons and courses to teach you, your team, and your candidates how to leverage all of the features that interview scheduler has to offer. Thanks to these resources, our clients are able to interview an average of 30% more candidates and have reduced time to offer by 58%.
  • It reduces error.  Automated interview scheduling mitigates the risk of human error. Whether it be double-booking candidates, forgetting to send a reminder, or a spelling mistake, the likelihood of messing up the scheduling process drops dramatically with an automated scheduling tool. Less error = fewer lost candidates = more money in your pocket.
  • It improves candidate engagement and brand awareness. Candidate engagement is an on-going effort (76% of hiring pros believe that attracting quality talent is their largest challenge today). With interview scheduler, candidates are given more control over the hiring process; this has resulted in 80% of candidates scheduling their interview within 24 hours of receiving an invitation from our clients. These invites (and follow-up confirmation emails) enable brand consistency — they’re completely customizable so candidates feel as though they’re operating directly through your site from start to finish. And they seem to enjoy this experience — one client saw their interview completion rate jump to 87% after integrating interview scheduler into their hiring process.
  • It’s secure. As with any technology, safeguarding your data is essential. interview scheduler (along with the entire interviewstream platform) is SOC 2 type 2 certified and GDPR compliant. Your users and candidates also have access to 24/7 support — a team filled with pros that can manage any complications so that you never have to waste time troubleshooting.

All in all, an investment in automated interview scheduling is an investment in your bottom line. To be frank, this is a lot of information to digest at once, so if you have any follow-up questions, a member of our team can answer (or further explain) whatever you’d like to learn more about! Just schedule your demo now and we’ll respond within the day.

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Monique Mahler is the CEO of interviewstream. She is an avid researcher of facts, a self proclaimed marketing geek, and an equestrian in her spare time.


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