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Driving Progress in Local Government Hiring

Are you struggling to find the right candidates for your organization in today’s shrinking candidate pool? By using video interviews and interview scheduling tools, local government and public sector organizations can reach more candidates — all while ensuring consistency, and promoting compliance in their hiring processes.

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Data-Driven Hiring Compliance

Monitor your entire hiring process with interviewstream. Using real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, agencies gain valuable insights into their hiring funnel in order to make data-driven decisions — enabling adherence to crucial tracking requirements and fostering transparency throughout the hiring process.

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Promote Interviewing Consistency

interviewstream allows you to standardize your interview questions to maintain consistency across your hiring team. Creating tailored one way video interviews ensures every applicant is evaluated on the same criteria, improving the decision-making process and enabling fair comparisons between candidates.

Government employee interviewing candidates using an interviewstream connect live interview.

Remove Hiring Bias

interviewstream’s custom rating system allows administrators to establish an evaluation rubric for any open position. Through our collaborative evaluation approach, each evaluator can assess candidates based on the same criteria — helping to eliminate bias and promote a fair evaluation of all candidates.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Hiring Process?

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Connecting with Candidates in a Competitive Market

Using video interviews and scheduling software, break free from local limitations and connect with candidates across the nation. Broaden your candidate pool today, and bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your organization.

Using interviewstream video interviewing and scheduling tools to save time.

Simplify and Save Time

interviewstream offers a convenient alternative to traditional interviews, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of scheduling, logistics, and travel. Conduct virtual interviews from anywhere, at an time. Plus, using one-way video interviews, you can review candidate responses on your own schedule, giving you back precious time.

Local government employee scheduling interview times with interviewstream interview scheduler.

Easy and Flexible Calendar Scheduling

Our interview scheduling tools are here to help you automate scheduling. With an interview scheduling tool, setting up interview slots, sending scheduling emails, and considering candidates’ time zones becomes incredibly simple. Say goodbye to endless email chains and phone calls just to find a mutually agreed upon time.

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