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interview connect helps you to reach candidates around the world, reduce the need for in person interviews, and save time and money.

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22% Fortune500 companies use
video interviewing to recruit across the world


81% of candidates find
digital interviews innovative


45% in cost saved
per hire

interview connect tool for hiring teams to conduct live video interviews and rate candidates

Improve Consistency in your Hiring Process and Ratings

interview connect allows the complete hiring team to rate and score candidates in the same way and with the same information. Review the live video interview and experience the answers that candidates gave for further review after the interview has been completed.

Create a More Candidate Friendly Experience

Candidates can interview from the comfort of their own homes and learn more about your company without traveling into the office. For remote candidates, this also allows an easier live interview experience, skipping the time and cost of travel.

Male candidate smiling on a laptop screen during a live video interview with the hiring manager.

“It was originally supposed to run for six months, but because we were able to compress [the interviewing process] into 90 days, we were able to save almost $2.5 million.”

Frank Abate Cigna

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How interview connect Works

interview connect gives hiring teams and candidates a way to hold a live video interview and learn more about each other as the hiring process progresses.

A candidate interviewing with an international company via a live video interview on his tablet

Reach Candidates Around the Globe

interview connect does not require any downloads and can be completed from any device with a browser. As a member of the hiring team, you can also share your screen with other stakeholders in the process and rate and score candidates during the interview itself in addition to afterwards.

Customize Your Interviews

interview connect allows you to create a completely branded experience for candidates. You and your hiring team can also easily access pre-written questions during interview that have been set up specifically for this position.

interview connect interface in which hiring teams access pre-written questions during the live video interview

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