Single Sign-On

How SAML Works

interviewstream Platform provides Single Sign-On (SSO) service by acting as a service provider supporting basic SAML v2.0 Web Browser SSO Profile using HTTP Redirect or HTTP Post Bindings. interviewstream SAML SSO offering is modeled after Google Apps SAML SSO service.

interviewstream Platform (SP)

To enable SAML SSO in the interviewstream Platform, please contact interviewstream and provide:

  • RSA or DSA Certificate containing the Public Key in PEM format (Base64 Encoded DER) (containing “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” and “—–END CERTIFICATE—–” statements)
  • Sign-In Page URL or the Identity Provider (ex. https://IDP.EXAMPLE.ORG/IDP/SAML2/Redirect/SSO)
  • Sign-Out Page URL – URL to redirect users if they signed-in using SAML SSO
  • Mapping information regarding the “Name ID Format” – email, login name (case sensitive), external id, or system id

Web Browser SSO Profile

  • interviewstream Platform (SP) uses the HTTP Redirect Binding to transmit the AuthnRequest to the IdP.
  • interviewstream Platform (SP) supports the HTTP POST Binding when receiving the SAMLResponse from the IdP.


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