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For Healthcare Providers

Simplify screening and scheduling interviews for healthcare candidates

Attract the top healthcare talent for your team with a platform that allows your candidates to schedule and complete interviews on their own time. Spend more time interviewing and less time struggling to schedule interviews with busy healthcare professionals.

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Fill Healthcare Positions Faster

Drive operational excellence in your recruiting teams

Even the best hospital recruitment teams face time-to-fill challenges. But what if you could screen 75+ workers per day? With interview on demand, you can send applicants questions and receive their recorded responses – usually within 24 hours – reducing your time-to-offer by 58% while slashing the time your recruiters spend interviewing by 80%.

Healthcare candidate answering questions to a video interview.

Build Winning Teams

Hire the best healthcare workers for your patients

Healthcare recruiters and hiring teams are using interview on demand and interview connect to engage candidates interested in working for tech-savvy, leading-edge healthcare organizations. Our video interviewing platform identifies the candidates who best fit your culture, creates personal connections, and builds winning teams.

Healthcare candidate scheduling her interview on her tablet.

Cut Down On Tedious Scheduling Tasks

Schedule interviews with efficiency and save time

With interview scheduler, candidates pick interview times directly from your team members’ calendars – avoiding the back-and-forth emails and phone calls. This allows applicants to feel a level of control over the hiring process while reducing the time your team spends scheduling interviews by 84%. What used to take days now takes only minutes.

Healthcare candidates completing video interviews.

Drive Down Recruitment Costs

Grow your talent pool and reach more candidates for less

Six of the ten fastest-growing jobs in America are within the healthcare industry. Competition is fierce and salaries are rising. Our video interviewing platform for healthcare institutions helps fill positions for doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical professionals affordably. Recruit locally or globally, without paying a fortune in travel expenses.

Healthcare Customers Like You

You’re in good company

Join our clients in reducing in-person interviews by 50%, cutting screening
time by 80%, and averaging a candidate engagement rate of 95%.

Healthcare Integrations Available

Manage all your healthcare interviews with a single platform

If you like some of the tools you’re currently using, no problem! It’s easy to integrate
interviewstream with your existing platforms while keeping all your
applicant data secure and in one place.

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teams and candidates, enabling positions to be filled anywhere, anytime, with ease.

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quality healthcare workforce today

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