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interview on demand gives candidates a
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Screen Candidates Faster

On-demand interviews can be completed outside of business hours, creating flexibility for both your team and your candidates. As a result, most candidates submit their interviews less than 24 hours after receiving the invite.

Provide a Friendly Experience

Candidates can access their on-demand interviews on any device through a web browser or by downloading our app in the Apple or Google Play stores. If they’re a good fit, you can also easily schedule back-to-back and panel interviews by syncing calendar availability.

A mobile phone showcasing how the digital on demand video interviews can be completed on any device at any time, creating an accessible hiring process and friendly candidate experience.

“We are currently using interviewstream to screen our candidates immediately after their resume has been reviewed. We send the candidates an invitation, and the interview is usually completed within a day. It’s a much faster process today.”

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Learn more about how interview on demand can help you screen candidates faster while creating an innovative interview process that candidates love.

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How interview on demand Works

interview on demand is easy to set up and will help you to streamline your hiring process and screen candidates more efficiently.

interview on demand interface showing how hiring teams can choose relevant video interview questions from an extensive question library.

Create the Interview

Choose from a library of over 1,500 popular questions or upload your own to ensure your candidates are being asked relevant screening questions. Then, choose how you’d like the candidate to respond, through video, audio, or text.

Review the Candidates

Quickly review candidate responses in a centralized location, view their activity timeline to track their progress, and rate and share their responses with other stakeholders.

interview on demand interface showing how hiring teams easily review and rank candidates' recorded video interview answers.

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