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On Demand Interviews for Video Screening

Ready for a better candidate screening process? Speed up your hiring with the best interview software for candidate videos. Reach top talent before your competitors and provide a modern candidate experience.

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One Way Video Interviews Help You Screen 80% Faster

Hire faster by allowing candidates to interview from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Most candidates submit their video interviews less than 24 hours after receiving the invite, so your time is not wasted with cancellations, reschedules, and no shows!

Faster Placement

58% reduction in

Efficient Process

81% decrease in time spent
on each interview

Better Interviews

93% customer satisfaction

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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Hiring Process

On demand interviews foster team collaboration and better candidate assessments. All candidate interviews are stored in one location where your team can share feedback and make final candidate selections.

AI Interview Question Assist tool creating interview questions for an HR Manager role

Upgrade Your Hiring Process with AI-Powered Recruitment Tools

Our AI recruitment assist and AI interview question assist tools suggest relevant and consistent interview questions, job descriptions, invitation email templates and more — saving time for hiring managers while maintaining human expertise.

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Improve your Hiring Process with Data Driven Decision Making Tools

interview insights for on demand video interviews allows you to identify areas for improvement in your interviewing process. Pinpoint your candidates drop off stages, evaluate individual recruiters and requisitions, benchmark your data against other companies in your industry, and so much more.

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Expand your Talent Pool with the Best Video Interviewing Software

Reach more candidates using SMS text invitations and reminders for one way video interviews. Simply add your candidate information and send video interview invitations via email, or email and text.

Mobile phone screen showing an interview invitations that was delivered via SMS text message.

Provide a Friendly Candidate Experience

Make a lasting impression on candidates with custom branding and quick responsiveness. Personalize your video interview format, automated interview schedule email templates, and SMS text with interview on demand.

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“We used to talk to 15 people for each job. Now, we’re actually seeing about 48 people per job. We’ve increased our candidate pool allowing us to speak to more candidates who may not have had the best resume, but would be a good fit for Bealls.”

Magdalena Wyko Director of Talent Acquisition and Development Bealls

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Learn more about how one way video interviews can help you screen candidates faster while creating an innovative interview process that candidates love.

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interview on demand is easy to set up and integrates with most ATS platforms to help you to streamline your hiring process and screen candidates more efficiently.
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Create the Interview

Choose from a library of popular questions or upload your own to ensure your candidates are being asked consistent and relevant screening questions. Then, choose how you’d like the candidate to respond, through video, audio, text, or multiple choice questions.

interview on demand portal showing candidates' responses to their one-way video interviews

Invite Your Candidates

Quickly and easily invite as many candidates as you’d like to your on demand interview through interviewstream or by attaching an invitation link to any application or job board. Candidates receive automated invitations and reminder emails throughout the interview process.

interview on demand interface showing customizable questions for the one-way video interview

Review Your Interviews

Quickly review candidate responses in a centralized location, view their activity timeline to track their progress, and rate and share their responses to the one way video interview with other stakeholders.

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Trust the Security of Your Data

Our GDPR compliance regarding personal identifiable information and SOC2 Type 2 certification ensure that we have established and follow strict information security policies and procedures. This certification encompasses the security, availability, process integrity, and confidentiality of our customer data.

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