What Hiring Software Should You Be Using When Hiring For Local Government Organizations?

Caroline Chessia | June 16, 2023

Government interviewing needs to be compliant and bias-free. But, using dated methods to interview can task your manpower, leave you with piles of manual reporting, and make accurate tracking difficult. 

Which is why you need to stay abreast of HR technology. Interviewing software helps you interview and hire faster, stay compliant and consistent, and remove bias. Read on to see how.


How Government Organizations Use Video Interviewing and Scheduling:

  • To promote consistency. interviewstream’s video interviewing provides consistency for recruiters. In a one way interview requisition, each candidate receives the same questions. This eliminates potential bias, leading to a more equitable hiring process.
  • To increase compliance. interviewstream’s platform allows government agencies to track the entire hiring process. With real-time analytics and reporting features, agencies can make data-driven decisions. This ensures compliance with key tracking requirements and promotes transparency in the hiring process. We are also SOC2 certified, which means your data is safe with us.
  • To remove bias from hiring. interviewstream’s video interviewing rating system helps remove bias from interviewing. Administrators can create a grading rubric within the platform so that each evaluator can grade each candidate against the same requirements.


Why Government Agencies Are Using Interviewing Tools:


Efficiency and Time Savings

Government agencies often receive a large volume of applications for their job openings. One interviewstream client recently received over 5,000 applications for their firefighter team. Screening all 4,000 candidates would have been enormously time-consuming. But with on demand interviews, they were able to review and rate candidates quickly and fairly.

Expanded Candidate Reach

Attract the best talent, regardless of geographical limitations. Candidates can take interviews from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for travel expenses. And with video interviews, candidates are given a branded, modern, and flexible candidate experience to keep them engaged in every step of the process.

Enhanced Collaboration and Evaluation

interviewstream’s interviewing tools create collaboration opportunities among hiring managers and evaluators. You can share, rate, and re-watch candidate interviews. Hiring managers can also see trends in candidate ratings. 


How One Government Agency Uses interviewstream In Their Hiring Process:

interviewstream works with a city government agency to provide video interviews to their 15 different divisions. They have been a client since 2018, and use on demand video interviews to create consistency, ensure compliance, and remove bias.

This agency has a large candidate volume, which means finding the time or manpower to screen thousands of applicants manually is a challenge. They use on demand interviews for selection interviews and oral exams before moving candidates onto the next step.

For each interview, they maintain the same process. Candidates are only allowed one attempt to record their response and each question has a specific time limit. To eliminate bias, they created a scoring system for candidates and recruiters. For example, if a candidate receives a score of 5, they must tick every requirement in the system. 

This scoring system and the ability of administrators to view all reviewers’ scores helps maintain compliance for this organization. All candidate ratings are clearly documented and administrators can view historical ratings data for candidates and reviewers.

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5000+interviews completed in the last year

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80% interview completion rate
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376 recruiting hours saved


What Are The Benefits Of A Dedicated Interviewing Platform?

With a specialized video interviewing platform like interviewstream, you’ll have a customer success manager specific to your account. Your account manager will help you with reporting so you can ensure compliance and create awareness around your hiring trends. They’ll guide you through the onboarding process and hold periodic meetings to train or retrain employees and evaluators.

Want to see how interviewstream could work within your hiring process? Get in touch with us today to find out. 

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