The ABCs of Video Role-Play for Sales Training

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Role-playing is a training technique used to provide participation and involvement in the learning process. It allows the learner to receive objective feedback about their performance and can be used to diagnose interactive skills, provide models and practice, and motivate individuals to pay closer attention to their interpersonal impact. One of role-playing’s primary benefits is allowing the learner to experience a real-life situation in a protected environment.

Role-playing is excellent for:

  • Analyzing problems
  • Improving sales by practicing various selling solutions
  • Developing teamwork, cooperation, and creative problem-solving
  • Improving listening and communication skills
  • Building successful teams through meaningful scenarios

Role-playing, whether it is impromptu or planned, is one of the most effective tools a sales manager has to improve sales performance. You can reorganize territories, re-assign accounts, raise the bar, tinker with incentives, hire and fire, and even close the deals yourself, but none will come close to improving the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of your sales team.

We use video role-playing on a regular basis at InterviewStream. Yes, we “eat our own dog food” and will continue to do so. Based on our success and measurable performance improvements in our team members, we have developed the following “ABCs” of video role-playing to demonstrate the value and benefits of integrating such technology as a successful tool in your sales training efforts.abcGraphic2

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