Find mutual availability for all interviewing parties.

Communicate with candidates through the platform so that you can easily monitor accepts, declines and reschedules.

RIVS Autoscheduler

RIVS Autoscheduler

Set up your interviewing availability to avoid playing phone tag and back-and-forth emailing by effortlessly finding mutual availability for all interviewing parties.

  • "The RIVS AutoScheduler is a simple system that makes it phenomenally easier to schedule interviews and orientations."

    Andrew Whiting Strategic Staffing

We integrate with some of the top applicant tracking systems. Click on the ATS logo you use below to learn more about how RIVS can make your hiring efforts easier.



Standalone Technology or Sync with Desktop Calendar

Easy Rescheduling for Last Minute Conflicts

Automatic Calendar Reminders

Custom Employer & Candidate Branding

Over 900 clients and growing trust InterviewStream


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