9 Keys to One-Way Video Interview Success

Most candidates are used to the traditional job interviews that involve facing a recruiter or hiring manager in the interview room. These days, technology has revolutionized the interview process. The modern gadgets come with built-in cameras and microphones that have made employers implement video interviews into their hiring process. A one-way video interview is said […]

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10 New Recruiting Trends You Should Implement in 2019

Every business needs to grow and evolve as time goes by, and it’s vital to look at key aspects of your business from one year to the next and search for ways in which you can improve and enhance in various areas and departments. There are plenty of exciting recruiting trends for 2019 you might […]

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9 tips to Write an Action Plan for Your Job Interview

There’s no denying that job interviews are a daunting experience. Whether it’s your first one, or you’ve been to countless – they’re always a steep mountain to climb.   Have you ever considered writing an action plan for your job interview? This could help ease your nerves, prepare you a little better and, hopefully, help you […]

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Worst Mistakes Applicants Make When Doing a Video Interview

One of the major benefits of the digital age is connectivity. Whether we’re reaching out to our loved ones halfway across the world, communicating with our social media followers, or even conducting job interviews, we all get to enjoy the benefits of technology. In a previous post entitled ‘The Ways Technology is Streamlining the Recruitment […]

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7 Myths Around The Art of Conducting A Video Interview

Introduction Conducting an interview in person, face to face, can be impractical for a number of obvious reasons. At the same time, developing the skill of interacting via video is also becoming increasingly important for individuals in the modern work environment, with more and more roles carried out remotely. Conducting video interviews brings numerous advantages […]

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10 Most Common HR Managers Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting Candidates

When you’re doing something as a human being, sooner or later the chances are you’re going to make a mistake. However, some mistakes can be costlier than others. Forgetting to take a pen to work is not necessarily the worst mistake in the world. Making a mistake when hiring someone to work at a company […]

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5 Amazing Tips to Effectively Interview Remote Employees

Although hiring remote employees becomes more and more popular due to many advantages, it also requires a different approach to their interviewing. Thus, take a look at these five amazing tips to effectively interview remote employees that will help you to choose the best candidate. Tip #1: Change your approach to effectively interview remote employees […]

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The Ways Technology is Streamlining The Recruitment Process

Social media’s role in recruitment has risen 54% in the previous 5 years, with more people taking to their smartphones to search and apply for jobs. Recruitment can be one of the toughest jobs to get right in business as everything else depends on it. While social media plays an important part, tech is advancing and throwing […]

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The New NCLB: How to Fare Better at a Teacher Job Fair

Every spring thousands of novice and experienced teachers take time away from their student teaching or professional duties to travel to an education job fair sponsored by a local university or large school district. In attendance are recruiters from schools all across the nation, both public and private. These recruiters spend big bucks purchasing fancy […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Embrace a Mobile Recruitment Process

As a millennial, I use my smartphone for just about anything—from online shopping and social networking to scheduling appointments and conducting conference calls on the go. Undoubtedly, the rise of technology and mobile apps have made a huge impact on business trends over the past decade, but how have mobile devices impacted the HR industry? […]

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