Improve your hiring process.

InterviewStream Hire helps companies deliver a positive brand experience throughout the recruiting and hiring process while also saving time and money.


Clients using video interviewing

  • “We integrated [InterviewStream] into a hiring process that we were having some problems with in the past. And using the platform, we were able to gain a 200% increase in the size of the candidate pool, and over 2,000% in terms of the quality of the candidate pool. We see a ton of value beyond the recruiting process.”

    James Colino
    James Colino Sr. Manager, Global Talent Acquistion
  • It was originally supposed to run for six months, but because we were able to compress [the interviewing process] into 90 days, we were able to save almost $2.5 Million.

    Frank Abate
    Frank Abate Cigna - Talent Consultant

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