Benefits of Hiring Marching Band Members

Esteban Gomez | August 17, 2017

At high schools around the country, in the first weeks of August, there is a tradition that only those who are musically inclined and willing to work hard participate in. This is Marching Band Camp season, and many high school and college marching bands begin their pre-season preparatory work in the heat of the summer, outside on the scalding turf, while other kids sit in the cool air conditioning and play video games.

As an HR professional, what can you take away from this? What might you want to know about marching band members that makes their resumes stand out and makes them more attractive candidates? According to Virtual Music Office, there are at least 10 identifiable benefits to working with kids who have high-stepped through high school and beyond. The benefits of being in marching band include the following concepts:

1. Respect

Band students learn to appreciate and respect hierarchy in an organization. Each instrument is part of a section with a section leader, who then reports to an Assistant Drum Major, who reports to the Drum Major, who reports to the Band Director (and so on). By learning to operate through and within a direct and dotted-line chain of command, these players start out ahead of the game.

2. Productivity

Band students understand that in order to make things work at their best, they have to be productive during work time. This isn’t to say that the kids don’t have fun at band camp, but it certainly shows what can be accomplished in as little as a week with previously untrained marchers if everyone digs in and works hard.

3. Collaboration

Working together is always better. Band students know they have to move in unison, keep time with each other and, to a lesser extent, keep each other on track as well as keeping a key level of attention on their own obligations. This sense of teamwork keeps harmony and unity among a diverse group of individuals that lends itself well to any organization’s operations.

4. Planning and Time Management

Marchers know they need to keep their instruments in top form to do their best. Whether this means making sure they are well-rested so they can give their all, or keeping all the necessary parts of their equipment properly prepared, they learn the benefits of good planning and strong time management skills.

5. Part of the Bigger Picture

Band students are able to sometimes blend into the forest and sometimes just be trees. In the Band Director’s mind, there may be a formation that no one student can ever see but that can really only be perceived from the big picture viewpoint. Band students may not have the perspective to understand why they need to be in a particular position to form an image on the field, but they understand their presence in the right place is essential.

So, this fall, as you enjoy a local football game, be sure to take the time during halftime to appreciate the musical and marching talents of your marching band. And keep a program because the next time you have a need to fill a position, think of these benefits of being in marching band, find one of those band kids, send them an on-demand interview, and start bringing them onboard.

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