We Eat Our Own Dog Food – RolePlayPRO Edition

  | July 30, 2013

Here at InterviewStream , the power behind RolePlayPRO, we continue to “eat our own dog food” and boy does it taste good! What do I mean by that? In case you’re less familiar with old sayings, or missed our introductory post in this series, it just means that we use our own products as much as we encourage our clients to use them. We launched a great new product in May called RolePlayPRO that we use to create video role-play scenarios for online sales training and evaluating our internal and external sales teams.

As a rapidly growing organization with an innovative product suite of video technology solutions, it is imperative that our team is up-to-speed and well-versed in all that we offer. InterviewStream’s Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Throneberry, creates and pushes out video role-plays to our sales team to assess their knowledge base and


measure competencies for each product. Video role-play questions focus on product features and functionality, along with common sales objectives to give team members an opportunity to act-out real conversations they may encounter in their sales calls.

The best video responses from our team can then be shared as best practices, which are used to fill knowledge gaps and model effective sales processes – a win-win for everyone involved. Using this software, our sales managers can better evaluate the competencies of their teams, as often as they need, and even when they are across the country. It’s truly a just-in-time, just-in-need tool that all can appreciate.

One of our most successful Video Technology Consultants, Jessica Peters, says “RolePlayPRO has helped improve my confidence and sales techniques by allowing me to rehearse actual objections and frequently asked sales questions. Through RolePlayPRO, my manager was able to give me specific feedback on how I handled each role-play scenario. My communication and objection handling skills have dramatically improved through the use of RolePlayPRO. Now, both my manager and I have the evidence to track my progress and performance over time.”

Contact us now to learn more about how RolePlayPRO is changing the way our company and other organizations evaluate sales training and ensure that their teams are prepared for success. Don’t get caught with an empty bowl!


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