Five Myths About Video Interviewing

  | November 4, 2013

Myth #1:

Video Technology will replace the recruiter’s job of screening candidates.


Recruiters are professional judges of character. They have developed core competencies of spotting resumes with false credentials and picking out insincere candidates in phone screens. Their expertise becomes even more valuable when vetting candidates who participate in a pre-recorded video screen.

Video interviewing technology is nothing more than a tool that aids a recruiter with the task of being able to screen a larger number of candidates more efficiently.

Myth #2

The advantages obtained from a pre-recorded video interview are similar to ones gained in a live Skype video interview.


We’ve busted this myth many times on our blog, but we are still hearing it from recruiters. A pre-recorded video interview, wherever a recruiter decides to use it in the hiring process, consists of the same set of questions asked to all candidates. Because the interview is not live, candidates can take the interview on their own time, and recruiters can solicit many more candidates to take the interview, because no appointment setting is required.

There are several other issues around using Skype or another two-way video technology for a video interview, including potentially very serious legal ones, which we talk about here and here.

Myth #3

Candidates may be reluctant to take a video interview because they are unfamiliar with the technology, or fearful of being discriminated against because of their age.


If you are soliciting job candidates online, then your candidates are going to have access to a web cam or camera on their mobile device. Some candidates for certain positions may have to borrow a friend’s web cam or visit a nearby school or public library, but the prevalence of video cameras with broadband internet connectivity is almost ubiquitous.

While millennials are admittedly the fastest growing hiring segment, most InterviewStream clients use our technology to help them fill positions that are typically held by individuals in their 40s and 50s. The key to helping candidates have a great experience with video technology is making sure they receive an email or phone call ahead of time requesting them to take a pre-recorded video interview.

With InterviewStream’s “About Us” employee branding features, it is easy to record or ask your hiring manager to record a few quick intro videos that showcase the company culture and the kinds of people your candidate would be working with. Of course, it’s always a great idea to provide a quick link to tips on how to have a successful video interview–for any age group.

If you are interested in learning more about what Labor and Employment lawyers have to say about the use of video in the hiring process, click here and here.

Myth #4

Using video technology in the hiring process is “nice to have,” but any competent recruiter can be successful without it.


No doubt any experienced talent management pro will be able to successfully source, screen and onboard candidates without ever asking them to sit in front of a video camera. However, there are several economic factors that will continue to make even the most seasoned pros find sourcing and hiring great talent more and more of a challenge in years to come:

  • a slowly recovering economy makes for consistently smaller hiring budgets. Your clients or bosses are asking you to hire more with less money to spend on candidate travel costs.
  • a shrinking number of STEM degrees with an ever-growing demand for STEM talent. You can only rely on your “go-to” schools for replenishing your talent pool. Video solutions like InterviewStream’s isCareerFair enable you to conduct “career fair-like” sourcing and hiring year-round to Tier 2 and 3 schools, as well as interview more prospective overseas talent.
  • social, mobile and other cloud technologies will enable your competition to search for and connect with the same extended talent pool. The ones who are additionally using video technology will have an even greater edge, because they will have the advantage of being able to take a resume and online persona and immediately connect it with a human face and voice, that can be shared with clients prior to the live video or in-person interview.

Wondering how to fill the “Baby Boomer Gap” with a strategy that includes video technology? Click here.

Myth #5

My recruiting firm is too small to afford enterprise video interviewing technology.


InterviewStream offers a number of attractive packages for smaller recruiting firms, which includes most of the same features in our enterpriese-level packages.

And, the ROI on using pre-recorded video technology will make the investment well worth it! (Ask one of our Video Technology Consultants about this on your demo!)


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