How Are Companies Using Video Interviewing?

Alex Kilpatrick | June 22, 2013

Video interviewing isn’t just a popular trend in today’s workplace; it’s here to stay. According to, 80 percent of companies with more than 10,000 employees either have used or currently use video interviews. The technology has been around for some time, but adjustments have been made to make video interviewing even easier and more efficient. Companies are using video interviewing in the following ways.


With digital interviewing, you don’t have to spend the full interviewing time on each candidate. If a candidate disqualifies themselves in the first five minutes, perhaps by digressing into their top ten favorite Game of Thrones episodes or starting to sing Cher’s greatest hits, you don’t have to wait out the rest of the thirty minute interview.

Video interviewing also helps you locate the flash drive in the pile of floppy disks. One of our clients was looking for a new B2B salesperson. An applicant said they worked at a cabinet store and the client assumed they sold door knobs, but the applicant was actually selling deals valued in the five and six figure dollar ranges. The applicant’s resume didn’t show this, but with video interviewing, the employer was able to learn more and make a better hiring decision.


Another way to use digital interviewing is to ask questions that are best understood by the hiring manager. There are often certain questions that recruiters don’t ask because they don’t have the technical knowledge to interpret the answers. With digital interviewing, recruiters can send candidates automated interviews to get those pieces of information and then they can share the recorded interview with the hiring manager.


Campus recruiting is one of the best pairings with digital interviews. Ever return from a campus career fair and find that the names and faces of everyone you met start to blur together? Next time try taking out an iPad and having students answer a few recorded questions on the spot. This makes evaluation easier once you get back to the office.

Additionally, if a recruiter is traveling to a campus, they can have candidates do an interview a week in advance. Upon arriving, the recruiter could already have five candidates picked out for an in person interview.


Not only does digital interviewing allow candidates and employers to connect earlier in the interviewing process, it also saves time and money. A study by OfficeTeam revealed that 63 percent of companies are using video interviews, versus 13 percent from 2011. Employers are realizing the many uses of video interviewing. Ask for a demo to learn more.

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Alex Kilpatrick is the Marketing Communications Manager at interviewstream and has been with the company since 2018. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, traveling and spending time outdoors.


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