About InterviewStream

Our Mission Statement

For students, job-seekers and talent professionals, InterviewStream provides the right fit of pre-recorded and live video solutions that help our clients prepare, hire and train to remain competitive for tomorrow’s world.


InterviewStream helps companies generate great candidate experiences and remarkable returns through Web-based video screening, interviewing and preparation. InterviewStream pioneered the category in 2003, and today more than 5 million users have access to products to transform the most-demanding hiring environments and perfect the practice of video interviewing. InterviewStream is part of a growing suite of video apps that go beyond hiring and include employee communications: RolePlayPRO for training and best practices, and ivMessage for one-way messaging.

InterviewStream provides a best-practice-based approach and a flexible adoption model that works with customers’ unique needs and business goals to achieve breakthrough results. Clients rely on InterviewStream for the perfect combination of proven value and endless possibility.