5 Amazing Tips to Effectively Interview Remote Employees

March 27, 2019

Although hiring remote employees becomes more and more popular due to many advantages, it also requires a different approach to their interviewing.

Thus, take a look at these five amazing tips to effectively interview remote employees that will help you to choose the best candidate.

Tip #1: Change your approach to effectively interview remote employees

As surveys show, more and more people are working remotely. Besides many advantages for employees who work from home, there are also many advantages for companies, such as lower costs related to work in the office, like wages, space, electricity, paper, etc.

However, there is also another side of the coin. If you have not selected the right candidate for the job, you risk higher costs than if you employed a full-time worker. Also, your control over the remote employee’s work is much smaller, not to mention the risk if it does not deliver the work on time.

Hence, you must be very careful while interviewing remote candidates. But, before that, you need to attract as many quality remote candidates as possible by presenting your company and job requirements in a proper way. Yet, this sometimes might be one of the harder tasks. So, if you need a writing service that can help you write a company presentation, there are Handmade Writing professionals to help you.

Tip #2: Explore the previous work experience of remote employees

Although there will certainly be more than a few candidates that have sent a persuasive cover letter, you still need to check their skills and previous work experience to see what they really know and what they worked by then.

If they are working on freelancing platforms or you have found them through hiring agencies, you may review their profiles. You can also explore their social networks to get to know them better. Thus, you will be able to make a short list of candidates that meet your most important job requirements and easier prepare for an interview with them.

Tip #3: Arrange a face-to-face interview of candidates

Even when you think someone has everything you need, you still need to have a face-to-face interview. You may hold it in your office or it could be a video interview.

This way, you can assess your candidate’s personal traits, but also its body language. Does it hesitate with the answer or it is self-confident? Does it answer patiently or wants to end the conversation as soon as possible? Does it give you straight answers to questions or turn off the topic? Is it nervous or sits calmly? Does it look you in the eyes?

All of these can show you whether this person is self-disciplined and highly motivated to work for you, as well as whether it is capable of a good collaboration. Most importantly, it will show you whether it possesses required communication skills, which are among the most important skills of this type of workers.

Of course, you have to take into account possible jitters, but nevertheless, everyone should be able to handle the interview well.

Tip #4: Make a list of right questions to effectively interview remote employees

One of the most important things to effectively interview remote employees and find the perfect fit is to ask them the right interview questions.

Some of them are:

  1. What is the most ambitious project you have dreamed up? The answer shows the self-motivation of the person.
  2. What did you learn from your mistakes in previous jobs? The answer shows the growth mindset of the person.
  3. What part of the job is most exciting for you? The answer shows whether the person has understood the purpose of the job.
  4. If we hire you, what would be the first thing that you want to work on? The answer shows communication skills and the ability to immediately start working.

Tip #5: Give a test project to remote employees

To be sure in remote employees’ skills, you can always give them a test project. Although some of them may refuse it, most of them will consider such a request as normal and will not mind to do it.

You can explain to them that this is a part of your selection process that helps you to choose the right candidate for the job. Also, you may present them a test task as their chance to show their skills and get to know the job that will perform in your company.

After all, if they are really interested in the job and sure in their skills, they will most likely accept a test project.

Final words

As you see, to be able to evaluate your remote employees’ skills and their ability to meet your requests efficiently in the long run, you need to change a whole approach to their interviewing.

You need to thoroughly interview them, but not be too pushy. You also need to be discerning to properly evaluate their skills, but also intuitive to predict their future performance. Finally, after interviewing and selecting the proper candidates, you need to successfully onboard remote employees.

Hence, the process is not so easy, but if you apply these five tips to effectively interview remote employees, you will surely easier choose the best among them and thus ensure your high long-term performance.

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