10 New Recruiting Trends You Should Implement in 2019

Monique Mahler | July 3, 2019

Every business needs to grow and evolve as time goes by, and it’s vital to look at key aspects of your business from one year to the next and search for ways in which you can improve and enhance in various areas and departments. There are plenty of exciting recruiting trends for 2019 you might want to make use of to boost your recruiting strategy to recruit better quality candidates and enjoy a stronger business overall. With that in mind, here are 10 recruiting trends to implement in 2019.


Social media networks have taken over the world in recent years, but they’re not just for sharing photos and status updates; they can be an excellent recruiting tool too. Many companies have started to make use of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to attract and find new talents. As well as posting job ads on these sites, you can actually use them, especially a site like LinkedIn, to actively search for potential candidates and invite them to take a look at vacancies and job descriptions in your company.


Nowadays, many businesses are making use of recruitment marketing to effectively ‘sell’ candidates on roles and positions. By marketing available positions, raising awareness of these roles and highlighting their advantages, you can attract stronger recruits. Recruitment marketing is helping a lot of companies attract better workers and truly talented individuals, while those that ignore this strategy are missing out.


Employee referrals have been a very popular recruitment method for a long time and continue to be one of the best recruitment trends for 2019 too. Organizing effective employee referral programs in your company can make the finding and hiring of talent a lot easier, with statistics and reports showing that these referrals lead to faster and more convenient hires.


When we talk about candidate experiences, we’re essentially talking about how people perceive your company based on experience working there or recommendations and advice from others who have. By giving your workers happier experiences, you’ll effectively be raising your brand’s image and making your business more appealing in the eyes of potential candidates, as well as current workers who might be applying for higher roles.


The idea of brand reputation is becoming increasingly important in the modern world, and many candidates want to work with companies they can feel proud to be associated with. Working on your brand’s reputation through employer branding is key to making your business seem more appealing. Online tools and content services like Brill Assignment are available for this purpose, or you can use your own skills and teams to create content to boost your brand’s profile.


Similar to recruitment marketing, inbound recruiting is all about making your business seem more and more attractive and appealing to potential candidates. It’s all about drawing in candidates and recruits by selling your business as the best place to further their own professional development and help them reach their goals.


It’s important to remember that your recruitment strategy is just one branch of your overall business strategy, and the pair need to line up and match in order to be coherent and productive. More and more businesses are taking the time to look at alignment of their recruitment policies with the rest of their business strategy, making use of sensible recruitment efforts that boost business growth.


CRM concerns how well you manage and communicate with your candidates. Many candidates won’t respond well to poor CRM, but if you can invest the time and effort needed to communicate effectively with candidates and acquire new talents, you’ll be able to forge stronger bonds and more trusting connections with those talents, resulting in better candidates for your company overall.


When it comes to identifying and finding potential talent, the interview stage is essential, and more and more recruiters and companies are making use of structured interviews to boost their recruitment potential. These kinds of interviews take on a structured format in order to offer a fair, balanced, objective, and detailed view of candidates. Making use of custom thesis services to prepare structured interview texts and questions is a great way to get started.


Automation is a powerful tool in many aspects of business life, as it can save a lot of time and money to automate processes and not have to devote time and effort to completing these kinds of processes over and over. Various automation tools exist for recruitment too, with apps and software able to track recruit databases, find new candidates, seek out potential talent, send messages, post job listings, share job descriptions and much more.

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