5 Ways to Build an Effective Interview Process

  | March 9, 2015

Talent acquisition has the ability to dramatically impact your organization’s bottom line. Each new hire is an opportunity to find the next superstar employee that will grow the company. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that your interviewing process can truly identify the candidates that will make a positive impact for the future.

Whether you are looking to establish an entirely new interview process at your organization or are just looking to improve your existing process, here are five ways to build an effective interview process:

  1. Define new hire success

In order to assess the effectiveness of your hiring strategy, you must first define what it means for a new hire to be successful. Once you have solid criteria to judge the difference between a failed hire, a successful hire and a top performer, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of the interviewing process. Then, your team can more accurately assess the interview process as a whole.

  1. Be consistent

In order to build an effective interviewing process, you must interview candidates using consistent and repeatable practices. Any inconsistencies will only add additional variables to make it more difficult to accurately track and interpret your data. Keeping the interview process consistent from one candidate to the next promotes a fair process that will help you distinguish top talent (while also helping to eliminate risk of legal challenges for discrimination).

  1. Customize your interview process

Every organization has its own unique hiring environment and therefore must find the right fit of interviewing procedures for their needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will work for every company. But if you have defined success and maintained consistency within your interviewing process, you will be able to adapt your interviewing procedures to your company’s unique talent acquisition needs.

  1. Make training your interviewers high priority

Just like any other job function within your company, interviewing candidates requires a specific set of skills not necessarily related to the interviewer’s other duties. This means that in order to enhance your interviewing process, you must give those who conduct interviews the right tools to succeed and make a positive impact on the business. Your interviewers can go through a formal training process, but be sure to provide ongoing training and skills feedback to continually refresh their skills. Even the addition of short, weekly training activities can greatly enhance your interviewing team’s skills.

  1. Use data to drive change

After your organization has implemented any changes, be sure to use data to make further tweaks to your live interviewing process. Once you have defined success and consistently executed your strategy, you should have enough information to make educated decisions about where you can improve your interviewing process. Making adjustments is crucial to adapting to any challenges your organization might be facing, but you must ensure that the adjustments are supported by data.

At InterviewStream, our goal is to find the right fit of our solutions to help improve organizations make a better and more efficient hiring process. Pre-recorded video helps to promote consistency in the screening process and can also help to incorporate ongoing training into your organization.

Our Video Technology Consultants are well-qualified to help you implement video technology into your organization’s custom hiring workflow. If you would like to learn more about enhancing your hiring and recruiting with video interviewing, contact us or attend one of our free, no-pressure group product tours.

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