9 Keys to On Demand Video Interview Success

Monique Mahler | July 8, 2019

Candidates today are experiencing many different types of interviews – from traditional job interviews that involve a live meeting in an interview room to a completely remote process run through online interviewing platforms. An on demand video interview, also known as a one-way interview, is also used as a fast way for recruiters to connect with candidates and get a more complete view of who they are as a professional.

A fully remote hiring process often starts with the company sending an email to the interviewee that includes a link to a one-way video interview, pictured below, which the candidate can complete at any time.

Woman answering a question for her on demand interview.

The main goal of this on demand (one-way) video interview is to learn more about the candidate, see if they meet the prerequisites of the job and gauge their fit into the culture of the organization.

Understanding the On Demand Video Interview

In an on demand video interview, the candidate is usually asked to respond to preset questions that are recorded by the recruiter or hiring manager and the answers are reviewed later.

If you are a candidate, the one-way video interview will often be the first stage of the interview process and can be used as a replacement for the phone screen used in more traditional hiring. In this interview, a strong candidate will give a better sense of their personality, approach to work, and fit for the company and role.

A recent survey by Classes and Careers has shown that out of 2,000 employers, 33 percent will determine whether they will hire you in less than two minutes during an interview. Consider that your on demand interview will likely fall into those first two minutes.

Many people have an easier time giving answers in a live interview that differentiate them from the other candidates vying for a role, but struggle to do so in an on demand (one-way) interview. We’ve created some tips and tricks to help out candidates who are completing their first on demand interview OR trying to get better at these types of interviews for their next one.

Nine Keys to Ace Your On Demand Video Interview

  1. BE ATTENTIVE TO DETAILS: During an on demand video interview, you will be given instructions. You need to read, understand and follow them carefully, since an important part of most roles is to respond to direction and strategy provided by your company and leadership team.
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO THE INTERVIEW DEADLINE: You will likely be given the chance to pick a time slot for the interview, so be sure you meet the recruiter’s deadline. The recruiter will set a date when the interview should be completed. Don’t miss that date. It’s always better to be early.
  3. DO YOUR RESEARCH & SHOW YOUR STRENGTHS: During the interview, be sure to show that you’ve learned about the company, what they do and the customers and markets they serve. Add that information to some of your answers. You should also reference the job responsibilities and identify your relevant experience.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TESTED YOUR DEVICES FOR THE INTERVIEW: Sometimes candidates use their smartphones for their on demand video interview. Just make sure that your camera works and you have access to a strong internet or cell signal. Your laptop will often have a better camera or more stable connection than a phone – so test it out a bit before the interview.
  5. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: The mantra “practice makes perfect” goes a long way here. You should practice the same way an actor does or just talk to yourself in the mirror. Doing so will help you get comfortable with hearing and seeing yourself answer questions – it can definitely be a little awkward the first time you try.
  6. PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN ORDER: If you have been given the interview questions in advance,  jot down some main points beforehand. Be careful not to be overly scripted though. Remember, the company wants to know who you are as well as what you can do. If you haven’t been given the interview questions in advance, equip yourself with answers to the most common interview questions. Be sure to write up some bullet points for your answers to these questions.
  7. PICK A GOOD PLACE FOR THE INTERVIEW: A good place will not include background noise or poor visibility. You want the recruiter or hiring team to be able to see and hear you well. Also, be sure to avoid places with any major distractions. If you are partially through answering a question and are interrupted by a coffee grinder, that won’t make the best impression. The physical background in your video also matters. A simple, one-color backdrop or a wall with minimal decor will work well. A super busy background with knick-knacks everywhere will likely be distracting.
  8. DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Treat all types of interview methods the same. Dress the way you would for a face-to-face interview. Put on clean, fresh business attire that isn’t too distracting in color or pattern.
  9. FACE THE CAMERA DIRECTLY: The recruiter and hiring team will want to see your body language and more specifically, your face. Always face the camera while answering the questions.

Final Words

There is no better way to ace your on demand video interview than to follow these nine keys. Know the job requirements, research the company, get familiar with the interview questions and you will be sure to impress your new potential team. Looking for more video interview tips to help you rock your next video interview? Check out our top video interview tips for candidates and interviewers here.

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