Video Interview Tips to Rock Your Next Interview

Monique Mahler | August 29, 2013

Video interviewing is in fact simple to do; however it requires more consideration than a traditional video chat to achieve the most professional experience for all involved. Not only do candidates need to take certain steps for a successful interview, but employers need to be mindful of a few things as well. We’ve compiled a list of video interview tips, suggestions, and best practices for both candidates and interviewers. Follow these simple recommendations to make the best possible impression on your next video interview.

Video Interview Tips For Candidates

  1. Practice: Most importantly, practice and critique yourself using some type of digital video. Even if you do not have access to video interview practice tools, it is important to record yourself practicing responses and play them back so you can evaluate your speaking (volume and pace) and demeanor (distracting hand signals) and improve your presence on camera. This also helps instill some confidence!
  2. Choose your background wisely: Cleanliness, organization and lighting are all important things to take into consideration when choosing a background. Think about what your background says about you and if it’s really what you want to portray to a potential employer. Check out the 6 objects you should avoid in the background of a video interview.
  3. Location matters: Choose a location wisely. The most important things to consider are a strong internet connection and a quiet, distraction-free space. You want to minimize noise and guest appearances from friends, family and pets.
  4. Dress professionally: Look the part, feel the part – right?! Even if you are taking advantage of completing the interview from your bed, take the extra step to dress up and look the part of an interview. Not only will this show prospective employers that you are serious about the position and went the extra step to appear professional, but also will make you feel more confident during the video interview.
  5. Be authentic: Don’t be afraid to show emotion and enthusiasm in your interview, but don’t force it just for the camera. Be authentic in your communication, just as if you were speaking with the employer in real life. Like we mentioned before, practice in front of the camera first, and see how you come across to others.
  6. Timeliness: If it is a live video interview, make sure you begin set up early. This gives you some leeway in case you have trouble logging in, and arriving early shows your anticipation and seriousness toward the job.
  7. Make good eye contact: Making eye contact is slightly different through a webcam than it is in person, but equally important. Be sure to look directly into the webcam when speaking, and do not read text directly from a computer screen because the interviewer will likely be able to tell and it is less authentic.

Video Interview Tips For Interviewers

  1. Choose the right type of interview: With interviewstream, you can choose from one-way and live video interviews for your candidate. A live interview is conducted like an in-person interview with the convenience of the location of your (and the candidate’s) choice and no travel expenses. Pre-recorded interviews are a popular choice because they allow the interviewer to cast a wider net of candidates, standardize the screening/interviewing process, and allow for more collaboration with hiring managers. With pre-recorded interviews, you can also allow for text-based responses and document review to get a better picture of the candidate’s true skills. Each position you fill is unique and may require a different process for hiring, so it’s important to consider which type of video interview will work best in identifying the right candidate.
  2. Coordinate interview content with all stakeholders: If you are conducting the video interview with a colleague, make sure you work cohesively. Prior to the interview, discuss which questions each person will ask and plan the dialogue so you are both on the same page. Pre-recorded video interviews allow for offline collaboration on questions prior to even involving the candidate – completely reducing the risk of asking an inappropriate question or seeming unprepared.
  3. Dress sensibly: Make sure your clothing choice is a good reflection of your company. For example, if casual Friday does not reflect your company or department then opt to record interviews on another day. Also, avoid clothing or ties with patterns as it may be distracting to the person you are interviewing.
  4. Choose your background wisely: Conference rooms or a neat office space are appropriate settings for you to conduct a video interview – or perhaps choose a space where your organization’s logo is visible if your company does not have a designated backdrop.
  5. Timeliness: Arrive to the live interview a few minutes early to show courtesy and respect to the candidate.

To learn more about best practices for video interviews and how it can benefit your organization, contact our team. Happy interviewing!

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Monique Mahler is the CEO of interviewstream. She is an avid researcher of facts, a self proclaimed marketing geek, and an equestrian in her spare time.


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