Six Objects to Avoid in the Background of a Video Interview

Esteban Gomez | November 7, 2016

Take a second to think about the stereotypical college dorm room movie scene.  The mess of clothes, party items and unprofessional movie posters are scattered all over. Take another second and ask yourself if this is the background setting you’d want for a video interview? The answer is absolutely not!

Sure, the dorm room scene is an exaggeration, but it’s important to spend time thinking about the items in the background of your video interview and most importantly, which objects shouldn’t be in view. Here is a list of six objects that should never be in the background of a video interview.

Six Objects to Avoid in Your Video Interview Background

  1. Your Bed: It might be okay to conduct a video interview in your bedroom, but make sure your bed isn’t in view. Your future employer doesn’t need to know where you sleep.
  2. Food and Drink: The sandwich that you started eating an hour ago and never finished needs to be put away! The same can be said for the soda cans, beer cans, candy wrappers and any other food item that’s in view. Your video interview should be conducted on a clean desk.
  3. Clothes: Closet doors and drawers should be closed and clothes shouldn’t be scattered all over the floor. Maybe this is obvious to some, but you’d be surprised. Conduct your video interview in a clean, tidy room.
  4. People or Animals: Besides plants or possibly a goldfish, you should be the only living object that is in view of the camera.
  5. Family Photographs: Try to keep personal items like that family beach photo out of view. The focus of your video interview should be on you and not your family or significant other.
  6. Cell Phone: Most people receive text messages fairly often. If your video interviewer notices your phone light up, then they’ll surely be distracted. Keep your cell phone out of view, on silent (or better yet off) and completely away from your web camera.

Most of the items listed above can be easily avoided if you’re able to reserve a room at a library or a public office. Doing so also ensures that you’ll have a professional setting. If you can’t, try to find a quiet room in your house and position yourself to avoid these objects. Looking for more video interview tips to help you rock your next video interview? Check out our top video interview tips for candidates and interviewers here.

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