Article: “6 Ways to Increase the ROI of Investing in Dedicated Sourcing Recruiters”

  | May 26, 2015

This article by Carl Kutsmode, Partner at talentRISE, provides insight on how to properly utilize dedicated sourcing recruiters with a recruitment organization. Among the advice listed is to give sources the resources they need to find solid prospects and to utilize them for positions that are less likely to have active candidates applying to the job.

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While many talent acquisition organizations place sourcers below recruiters as an entry-level position, Kutsmode argues that the position should be considered a separate skillset with its own metrics and expectations. Just like not all HR professionals are good recruiters, not all recruiters are good dedicated sourcers. By adopting fair expectations for sourcers and giving them the tools to succeed, they can become an integral part of the recruitment process.

Adding a dedicated sourcing professional to your team is just one tool to find better talent and make more placements. InterviewStream can help your recruiters or sourcers find talent more efficiently by adding pre-recorded video interviewing to your toolbox. By streamlining or eliminating the phone screening process, your team will be able to spend more time with the best candidates.



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