Article: “Is Career Counseling for Everyone?”

  | May 4, 2015

Over on The NACE Blog, Melanie Buford, Program Coordinator/Adjunct Instructor, Career Development Center, University of Cincinnati, details some of the benefits of career counseling for different student demographics. While some students go through college with a career plan in mind, others need help forging a path to success upon graduation. Even students who have their career already planned out can learn from career professionals who can give an objective eye and ensure that their career goals mesh with their personality and skillset.

Students with different career goals may find their career center useful in different ways. But by offering a variety of services in a variety of formats, career counselors can extend their reach and engage more students.

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At InterviewStream, we agree that the “right fit” between the student and the new employer has to be about more than just the type of degree and how well it meets the requirements of the first job. We think that the tools available at the career counseling office — including one-on-one counseling services, Myers-Briggs tests and practice interviewing services — can help make the difference for a student to get off on the right foot with the first career step. Buford nails it right on the head when she states, “We will need to be innovative as we prepare students for a lifetime of career success, not simply a post-graduate job.”


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