How to Bridge the Communication Gap in Your Staffing Firm’s Remote Hiring Strategy

Monique Mahler | October 21, 2020

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Remote work is no longer our future; it’s our reality. The shift happened much more rapidly than anyone could have anticipated, and it’s likely that you and your team of recruiters have had to pivot, developing a remote hiring strategy essentially overnight for many of your clients. Thankfully, what you put together has been working so far, but 7 months into our “new normal”, it’s time to ask yourself, is your remote hiring strategy as effective as it can be for the clients where you place candidates?

We’ve recently partnered up with 3DIQ for Bullhorn, a powerful resume submission platform aimed at helping the staffing firm and RPO community, to pinpoint the remote hiring mistakes that are made time and again. Together, 3DIQ and interviewstream want to help staffing firms and RPOs fix these issues at the root — by streamlining the hiring process and making communication more effective with your clients. Here’s what that means for you.

Identify Your Communication Gaps with Candidates & Clients

Recruiters have long been known for their excellent communication skills. Even with the marketplace being disrupted so dramatically, most have been able to transfer their abilities to the screen. Face-to-face interviews still aren’t the same as video interviews, just like Zoom conference calls don’t have the same je ne sais quoi as in-person meetings — luckily, recruiters have been able to navigate both with relative ease.

That’s only part of the puzzle though.

Hiring team members also need the right tools to communicate with their clients, candidates, and peers. While conducting a video interview may not feel like all too unfamiliar territory, what recruiters do with the information they gather from those conversations is where the gap tends to fester.

Transferring information and knowledge is significantly more difficult today than ever before — to do either effectively, you have to be intentional about what you’re sharing, who you’re sharing it with, and how you’re sharing it. That’s where we come in.

Improve Your Remote Hiring Strategy

Communication is a cornerstone of hiring. If your clients aren’t asking the right questions during interviews or you’re leaving out critical information when handing candidates over to clients, you could be losing countless placements. Even on your best day, it’s easy to lose or forget details when juggling so many different appointments and email threads.

With the interviewstream and 3DIQ platforms, you can close requisitions more quickly, as well as improve client and candidate satisfaction because…

With interviewstream:

  • You automate the scheduling process, allowing candidates to book interviews based on their availability
  • Candidates complete one-way video interviews that you can watch on your own time 
  • You share one-way and two-way interview notes, recordings, and feedback with your colleagues and clients, so they get to see more than just a resume- and likely hire more of your recommended candidates

With 3DIQ for Bullhorn:

  • You develop holistic candidate profiles, ensuring that no details get overlooked
  • Your branded resumes are shared directly with clients for real-time, actionable feedback
  • You’re notified which client is looking at a candidate profile, and when, for faster response time

As a result of these features, interviewstream clients have experienced an 80% decrease in time spent on each interview and 3DIQ for Bullhorn is proven to cut client response time in half.

Just take a moment to think about what you could accomplish with all of that extra time. Maybe you could find a few new clients or even a new revenue stream for your firm?

Build Strong Remote Connections at Your Firm

As a result of the pandemic, our entire society is feeling disconnected in one way or another. Ironically, we’re more connected than ever – just in a different way. And that’s exactly why your client’s prior in-person hiring strategy (or your prior recommendations for in-person strategy) just isn’t going to cut it right now.

In-person hiring approaches were built around our past idea of connection — facial expressions and handshakes, nervous tics and suit coats. Every moment of an interaction was another clue as to who a candidate was and what a client was looking for.

Tools like interviewstream and 3DIQ were made to both replicate and improve upon the in-person hiring process. By leveraging our technologies, recruiters can actually convey those little things that words just can’t always articulate — the unique personalities and quirks that turn a prospective candidate into a strong hire.

Still not convinced? Click here to schedule time with an interviewstream expert to discuss the specifics of your remote hiring strategy and where you could use support.

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Monique Mahler is the CEO of interviewstream. She is an avid researcher of facts, a self proclaimed marketing geek, and an equestrian in her spare time.


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