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  | November 14, 2014

Staying ahead of the curve and increasing productivity
Current client Pinnacle speaks to why video interviewing works.

All companies go through it – the hiring process. It’s mostly long and time consuming. Recruitment firms help speed up this arduous process for many companies by sending only qualified candidates to hiring managers. When thinking about ways to enhance recruitment processes, there are many tools, but there is one that’s the future of where our society and hiring models are going – video interviews!

One recruitment firm that’s ahead of the curve is Pinnacle, the largest recruitment firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They use video interviews to enhance and expedite their recruitment process. Two of Pinnacle’s team members, Leader of Office and Administration Division Courtney Czezowski, and Manager of Marketing and Account Relations Margaux Miller, were able to give a few points as to how video interviewing with InterviewStream has seamlessly integrated into their staffing and recruiting model.

The first point made by Miller was the ability of InterviewStream to work smoothly with Bullhorn, their applicant tracking system (ATS). “When we’re sending out interviews, it all comes from Bullhorn in the first place, which is our database that we use with all of our candidates…. It saves more time when we’re sending them out,” said Margaux. The ability to view candidates and later search for them through the ATS saves their recruiters time.

As a recruitment firm, Pinnacle stresses the importance of client success and experience. “[Clients] love the ability to view the candidate prior to meeting them or considering them,” said Margaux. Their clients are getting a better experience and getting a preview of the candidates that they will receive. This promotes transparent communication lines with their clients and ultimately leads to a better informed decision.

Volume recruiting is an extensive part of Pinnacle’s sphere. With video interviews, they can easily go through and see candidates to send to their clients. But they can also look at candidates for prior openings and send them as well.“We conduct dozens of interviews each week, and sometimes, if we can’t remember the person based on our notes, we take five minutes and quickly watch their InterviewStream to jog our memory,” said Courtney. She goes on to say, “I think that it’s definitely going to be something that happens in all recruitment.”

When asked about the candidate experience, Courtney mentions how initially some candidates are nervous, but learning that they have the option to retry their response puts candidates at ease. Both Margaux and Courtney have seen their recruiting team’s productivity increase because InterviewStream is so easy to use.

Video interviewing has become a staple in Pinnacle’s recruitment process. From seamlessly integrating InterviewStream into their ATS, sending their clients previews of featured candidates, and increasing the recruitment team’s productivity, Pinnacle is reaping the benefits of incorporating a video interviewing strategy.


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