September Product Round-up: Compare-by-Question Reviewing

Drew Whitehurst | September 19, 2022

Sometimes, choosing the right candidate for your open position is obvious from the start of the hiring process. Sometimes it is a tight race until the finish line. Either way, now you can see how your candidates are performing against each other on *one* page.  

In the new Compare-by-Question View, you’ll be able to see how each candidate stacks up against their competitors, making hiring data more easily accessible through the grid of candidate ratings by question. Here are some ways this will help you:

Better Data Accessibility

Candidate review data is easier to access for comparing candidates on a more detailed level. In Compare-by-Question Reviewing, you can see how candidates perform based on recruiters’ rankings for each question, and overall.


Compare candidates by question 

Better Insight Into Your Interview Process

Your team will now have clear visibility into hiring team & reviewer trends: 

  • Are there questions that consistently have a lower/higher score? 
  • Do you have reviewers that constantly rate in the 4s and 5s and others who rate lower?

Recognizing reviewer trends and habits allows hiring teams to recognize baselines for specific questions and reviewers to use to improve the hiring and candidate selection process. See all of that at a glance using the Compare-by-Candidates Reviewing:


Compare candidates by question

Better Hiring Decisions

More data availability allows you and your team to make better hiring decisions. With the Candidate-by-Question Reviewing, you won’t have to rely on gut feelings or mental math to figure out how one candidate compares to the other, because all the information is readily available within interviewstream. 

Improve how your team evaluates candidates and make it easier to find out who your star candidates are for each requisition — with interviewstream Compare-by-Candidate Reviewing.

Coming Soon

Tired of having to open up new tabs or navigate from candidate to candidate when reviewing interviews? In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing an option to pop-out candidate interviews into a new window from the Compare-by-Candidates View to make candidate comparison and evaluation even easier.

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