Declare Your Independence from the Traditional Screening Process

  | July 3, 2013

In honor of the upcoming American Independence Day celebrations, we are challenging recruiters with ditching their stuffy old phone screening processes to embark on a wonderful new journey with the latest and greatest video interviewing technologies of InterviewStream.

Declare your independence from hiring restrictions and hassles such as scheduling (both yours and the candidate’s), travel costs and waste of other resources that come along with using traditional phone screening and initial interview processes. Adopt the more flexible, convenient (for both you and the candidate) and enlightening experience of online video interviewing.

Pre-recorded interviews allow the recruiter and/or hiring manager to easily create a unique pre-screening interview using our database of over 6,000 questions or by recording their very own questions. The recruiter can then set response restrictions based on time (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes), number of response retries (none to unlimited), type of response (text based, document review or video), and more!

The recruiter and/or hiring manager then sends the interview directly to a list of candidates through our system or creates a link for mass sharing through social media outlets and other communications.

This creates a wonderful candidate experience by providing the freedom of responding to the interview at the most convenient time from anywhere across the world – all they need is a webcam and an internet connection. The platform also allows for employer branding customization to tell a bit more about your organization.

Much like fireworks and grilling out are no-brainers for most this Fourth of July weekend, InterviewStream is an obvious choice for anyone who hires top talent. Schedule a demo today to see for yourself!

Happy Interviewing & Independence Day!


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