We Eat Our Own Dog Food – ivMessage Edition

  | June 26, 2013

By Alison Pruett, Marketing Manager for InterviewStream

Welcome to a new blog series entitled “We eat our own dog food” that will feature guest posts from InterviewStream employees on how we are using our own products to benefit our own company.

Now, as I was writing this post and creating the series title, I polled our office and only a few other people were familiar with this phrase, “eating our own dog food.” Despite the reaction (or rather, lack thereof) around the office, I SWEAR it’s a thing. Even Wikipedia says so.

So, whether you initially “got it” or not, you were probably intrigued by the title and now you’ve learned something. A win either way for me!

On to the post!

ivMessage for Marketing

Earlier this week, InterviewStream launched a unique new one-way video messaging tool. At the risk of sounding sales pitchy, it’s a pretty amazing product and there is truly nothing else like it.

Essentially, it allows the user to quickly and easily record and distribute video messages using a webcam and internet connection. [Click here for more information]

There are a number of ways the tool can be used to humanize a variety of business communications, but as a marketing and communications gal, I immediately began imagining my own use of the tool.

I first started recording video messages for email pitches to journalists, because we ALL know how important it is to grab their attention, given the absurd amount of email they receive each day, and I figured they had probably not seen the video tactic before. We then began using ivMessage in our email communications to prospects and current clients and now are posting to social media outlets. The response rate for these types of communications has gone through the roof for us, just by including a video message with our standard written communications – it’s incredible!

From a marketing standpoint, video is hard to beat. Not only do they grab and hold the attention of all target audiences significantly longer than traditional text or flat graphics, but they also have higher recognition. According to a recent study, 74% of people subjected to online video advertisements could recall the product/service unique selling point, while only 50% of TV ad viewers could demonstrate brand recall.

Online video works. Period.

Although the tool is still in its infancy, and will certainly continue to improve with enhanced features and upgrades, it is already proving itself as an extremely useful marketing piece, and I am looking forward to hearing how other organizations use it to their benefit.

Let’s Hear From You

We want to hear how YOU are using, or plan to use, this powerful new tool for your own needs. Whether it’s internal communications, motivational messages, or marketing and prospecting – share your creativity with us and we’ll send you a $5 Starbucks gift card!

Sign up for a trial of ivMessage and record yourself talking about your use (or planned use) of the video messaging tool. Send the ivMessage to communications@interviewstream.com and not only will you get a Starbucks gift card, but you may also be featured in a future blog post! Another win-win!


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