Employer Branding Begins with Web Presence

  | June 11, 2014

While establishing an overall brand is crucial for every corporation, it is also imperative to institute an additional brand, namely the employer brand, which is dedicated to drawing in potential new employees. The issue of employer branding, although broad and complex, is one corporations must address in order to further enhance the entire establishment.

Employer branding can be difficult during the initial stages of this process. Companies must begin by launching and maintaining a strong presence on the Internet in order to attract potential candidates.  This starts with the career site or career page. A career page acts as a foundation for the employer brand, either drawing in top talent or discouraging potential candidates. As the rest of the employer brand will be built upon this foundation, the construction requires careful consideration.

Accessibility is crucial. Companies must first consider how to make the site easily accessible to all of their target audience. With new technology and the growth of social media, our world is more mobile than ever. So it’s no surprise that job seekers are increasingly turning to mobile devices when searching for new employment opportunities. In order to accommodate this, companies need to create an online career page with full mobile optimization. There are multiple ways to make your site mobile accessible, but they all have unique benefits and challenges. Mobile-friendly alternatives, which can be found in the Employer Branding Guide, enable an enhanced experience for prospective applicants.

Next, companies must consider how to bring in the talent once they are interested in becoming an applicant. During the online application process, top talent has little patience for frustrating complications. Ensuring that applicants are able to apply online without difficulties creates a positive applicant experience, a crucial part of the employer brand. Navigational obstacles are not only frustrating but can detour possible top candidates away from the company altogether.

Simple is always better. Companies must lastly consider removing all obstacles in order to make the application process as stress-free as possible. Common technical hitches include uploading lags, an excess of fields, and lack of organized directions. To avoid all the problems that come with uploading/downloading resumes, employers can allow job-seekers to apply via LinkedIn or other online profile platforms. An excess of fields and drop down menus can be tiresome but by cutting down on unnecessary content, the site will tailor to convenience and speed for the users.

Even if all the glitches above are fixed, without proper directions, users may never find their way from the company site to the career page. By simply making sure that mobile users are redirected to the proper site, companies can decrease the likelihood of users getting stuck or lost, making for a quick and pleasant experience.

This initial process, if executed correctly, can lay a sturdy ground work on which corporations may continue to build their employer brand.

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