Find the Perfect “Match” Using Video

  | February 14, 2014

We all have that one friend who plays matchmaker and tries to set us up on blind dates. While we get annoyed at first, we thank that person when things work out. If things don’t work out… well, there are more fish in the sea. When one begins to analyze the different roles HR plays, it becomes clear that HR is in the business of match making. In addition to retaining and engaging, HR is tasked with finding the best person for the job, therefore making a match.

Fortunately, unlike our friends, HR has many tools and connections at its disposal to get the job done. For example, many organizations have turned to video interviewing to assist in their hiring needs. At InterviewStream, we love providing our clients with the best resources to find the perfect match. Hiring can be expensive and time consuming, but through our innovative approach we make it more efficient than the traditional process.

As the original provider of video interviewing, our commitment to serve our clients has never changed. For example, through the use of InterviewStream, Sodexo was named the Recruiting Department of the Year at the 2013 ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo by harnessing the power of video interviewing.

One area Sodexo needed to address was to effectively fill upper management positions. Normally, companies want to get input from several senior members to make sure the right person is hired for a position as important as upper management. It’s easier said than done because geography can be an issue with team members spread across the world. This can add additional costs to the interview process.

Using the live video interview platform, senior managers were able to block out a time and schedule the interview without the hassle of travel. Additionally, Sodexo saved more money through video interviewing because the candidate was able to interview at his or her current location. Sodexo managed to interview six candidates with all four Sodexo Vice Presidents able to participate and provide their inputs. Overall the company was able to save 86 percent of its hiring costs and still found its perfect match.

This Valentine’s Day we want to help more organizations find their perfect match, while being more efficient (wouldn’t it be great if there was something like that for roses and chocolates?). Contact a Video Technology Consultant to schedule a rapid demo and learn more!


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