Five Interview Questions to Screen Candidates for Nursing Roles

Esteban Gomez | September 24, 2022

Nurses play one of the most important roles in healthcare and hiring the right nurse for your team is dependent on the ability to screen candidates with the right questions. Your questions should help you assess their skill set, passion for nursing and ability to contribute to the success of your hospital. So where to begin? We laid out the following five nursing interview questions to help you screen and identify the right nurse to handle the job.

Question 1

Describe the most harrowing experience you’ve had on the nursing floor? – This type of question provides more than just a story. It screens candidates for the way they respond during those high pressure moments that nurses face on a daily bases. Look for nurses who were able to remain calm during this experience and contribute in keeping the situation under control.

Question 2

What would you do with a patient who complains about pain constantly? – Screen candidates with questions that create real life scenarios for them to solve. During the interview, listen for the response to ensure it meets standards, but also look for signs of annoyance, such as rolling of the eyes or shrugging of the shoulders, which can provide insight on the nurses level of empathy and compassion.

Question 3

What do you do to keep up on medical technology and changes? – Screen candidates for their passion (or lack of) for the field. Individuals with passion for their career are more likely to continuously focus on professional development, succeeding within their role and contributing to the overall success of their organization.

Question 4

What’s the most difficult part of the job? – Screen candidates for what they consider the most challenging part about being a nurse and assess if the individual is able to face this challenge day in and day out.

Question 5

Why do you want to work here? – Screen candidates for their level of interest in landing the job. Look for candidates who mention their values in alignment to the hospital’s mission and vision.

Nursing is both physically and mentally challenging and requires a well-thought-out interviewing process that screens candidates who can take on the role. Digital interviews provide incredible insight into the would-be nurse’s abilities and attitudes. What are your favorite nursing interview questions to ask candidates? Comment below! To learn more about best practices when screening nurses, schedule a demo of our digital interviewing platform to see how you can create a streamlined screening process that makes sure all of your important interview questions are asked to identify top talent.

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